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If you plan on moving to a place with bustling nightlife, excellent weather, and a low cost of living, you might want to give West Palm Beach a chance. This city in Florida spreads across a gorgeous Atlantic coastline, so if you are a big fan of waves and sun, moving to West Palm Beach might be the right decision for you. To come to your help, here is a useful walkthrough of everything you should know about moving to West Palm Beach, FL.

West Palm Beach Has A Rich History

West Palm Beach is a beautiful historical town with a rich and interesting history. One of the first things you will notice upon moving to West Palm Beach is the small-town feel that you will get compared to the feel of a supercity like Miami. West Palm Beach is truly unique in the state of Florida and it can quickly make newcomers feel extremely cozy, welcome, and right at home.

You are going to discover a lot of Hispanics, African-Americans, and Caucasian cultural aspects intertwined here. The more you will explore the city, the more exposed you will be to a variety of versatile arts and cultural influences, befriending people from all walks of life.

Just keep in mind that diversity in the city can easily turn into a double-edged sword as well. Speaking Spanish is a regular thing among most people living here. However, if you do not personally speak Spanish, you may not be able to participate in some of the local events or even interact with others. However, spending enough time surrounded by people who speak the language would help you quickly speak understand and start speaking it in no time.

The city’s culture is comprised of an incredibly thriving art scene with numerous festivals organized on a yearly basis here. If you have never heard of the Clematis by Night festival or SunFest, keep them in mind.

Fun Things To Do In West Palm Beach

There are many engaging things you could do in and around the city, with cool attractions available all year long. Ranging from going on bike tours, narrated tours on sea and land, yacht rides, parasailing, or pub crawls, there is a little something for everyone here. The Palm Beach Zoo, the Norton Museum of Art, the beautiful Manatee Lagoon, or the fresh Rosemary Square are all excellent options here.

If you plan on moving here with your children or you personally love animals, pay special attention to the Linon Country Safari, the McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Okeeheelee Park in the city. They can keep you busy for hours in a row on the weekends, exploring thousands of acres of gorgeous biking trails and hiking paths or engaging in fun sports in the outdoors.

Food and Sports In West Palm Beach, FL

If you love food festivals, you should also keep an eye on the Beach Jerk or the Caribbean Outdoor Festivals. The city is also filled with steakhouses, pizza places, Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Chinese restaurants for fun eating out experiences. There is even an entire festival dedicated to people who love antiques called the West Palm Beach Antiques Festival. Here, you will find a rich plethora of antiques, vintage items, and cool collectibles that could cost a small fortune in a few years.

The FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is a great attraction for sports fans.

The Best West Palm Beach Neighborhoods To Move Into

West Palm Beach is home to an impressively large number of small neighborhoods, some more affordable, others more expensive, and others right at the middle. Here is a quick overview of the best neighborhoods you could consider moving into:

  • Central Park is an urban center with a dense population and it is also ranked as the 3rd best neighborhood for raising a family.
  • Moving here means living in the main hub of West Palm Beach. If you love busy nightlife and long shopping sprees, this is the place or you.
  • El Cid is an expensive community hosting millionaire. It is located on the coast and there are lots of luxury amenities there. If your budget allows you to rent or buy in El Cid, you are going to love living there.
  • Grandview Heights is a largely residential area with a gorgeous park. It is located at walking distance of the Downtown area.
  • Flamingo Park is a family- and pet-friendly neighborhood located in the center of the city.
  • in the heart of the city
  • If you would like to live by the lake, try the North Shore neighborhood. It is an affordable place to live right next to Lake Mangoni.
  • In case you would like to rent a place in the city, try the Northboro Park neighborhood. It while small in size, is lined with beautiful trees and greenery and it is also an excellent place for lots of It is located nearby cool shopping options and it also has a lot of fun clubs for an active nightlife.
  • Pinewood Park is one of the most energetic neighborhoods in the city. The homes are priced at the market’s median value. However, this neighborhood is not the best place for families with children.

How Much Will It Cost To Move To West Palm Beach?

While the cost of living in West Palm Beach, FL is around 10 percent higher compared to the national average, it is pretty similar to the majority of large cities in the state. You will, however, pay less on good and groceries – about 10 percent less than the national average. This is a direct result of the rich natural resources found in Florida, with a particularly abundant fishing industry.

The taxes here are also lower compared to the national average in the US. There is a 7% sales tax on all purchases in the city, and 1.3% property taxes.

If you are determined to move here, hire the best Florida cross country movers and start saving money on your relocation today.


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