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Looking for a beautiful and vibrant city on the east coast of Florida to turn into your new hometown? Daytona Beach could be on top of your list! The place is not only suitable for a fun summer destination, but it is also a great spot to move to.  Find out exactly what to expect from our thorough Daytona FL moving guide.

Daytona Beach, Florida Has Gorgeous Beaches

Daytona Beach is home to some of the most beautiful, smooth sandy beaches in the South Florida area, including Al Weeks Sr. North Shore Park Beach — Ormond Beach which is excellent for the simplified accessibility offered to people with physical disabilities. The beach has numerous amenities on display, including facilities that enable ADA access, areas where you can enjoy a nice picnic, clean restrooms, showers, and plenty of lifeguard stations for enhanced safety.

Another top beach we recommend you visit is the Bicentennial Park Beach at the Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park. The beach has a gorgeous sandy shoreline that will allow you to admire some truly breathtaking views over the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ormond Beach has a particularly sandy shoreline and it is ready to host numerous engaging activities, including paddleboarding, boogie boarding, or surfing. Mary McLeod Bethune Beach gives free access to visitors. The cool facilities available here will make your stay on the surprisingly beautiful coastline extremely pleasant. For a family-friendly beach, try Splash Park Beach and enjoy the well-maintained, flat shoreline, clean water and careful surveillance of the lifeguards constantly patrolling the area. Lots of people engage in fishing at the Daytona beaches, so get ready to see many of the locals here casting lines off the boardwalk piers or straight from their boats. With around 3 miles of beautiful shores to explore here, you should have an easy time keeping up with all the fun activities in any of the communities part of the Daytona Beach Shores.

Education Opportunities

Daytona is home to several excellent schooling institutions, including mainland schools for grades Pre-K all the way up to 12th grade. The city is home to top-rated schools with an impressive graduation rate of 93% graduation, 12 percent higher compared to the national average. UBIC Academy, Daytona Beach Christian Academy, and Warner Christian Academy are some of the most reputable schools here, with an average acceptance rate of 70%, lower than the acceptance rates of private schools in Florida.

Cost Of Living In Daytona Beach, FL


While it is possible to find plenty of cheap homes in Daytona Beach, you may want to refine your search into the mainland. Moving to Mainland Daytona means spending less on food and groceries than you would normally pay on the island. The island has fewer options available at the moment. Besides, the island area mostly caters to the needs of tourists, so the prices are usually higher for both fresh and food.

Eating Out & Groceries

Moving to the mainland means enjoying a large number of chain grocery stores, together with loads of farmers’ markets. Groceries here cost 3% less compared to the national average. Eating out on the island will cost more than going to a restaurant on the mainland.


As for utility costs, it does not really matter where in Daytona you would like to move. The prices will solely depend on the selected service providers, with some companies offering lower rates compared to others. Florida Power & Light is the primary provider of energy, but you could also look into alternatives like Duke Energy or New Smyrna Beach Utilities. Again, the utility costs in Daytona are 3% lower compared to the national average.

Public Transportation

The island does not have any public transportation system in place at the moment. However, you may want to inquire about the bus stops along A1A. Daytona Beach, on the other hand, owns a public bus system limited to mainland areas. It is also possible to cross the main bridge using a bus. The fares are small and the monthly or daily passes are suitable for frequent riders.

Get ready to use your bike or walk around a lot on the island. These are the main transportation means here. You will, nonetheless, notice plenty of vehicles and motorbikes in the city, hence the reason why there is a large transportation network available there.

Healthcare Services

The majority of medical facilities you will need are available on the mainland, even though the island also hosts a few on its own. For emergency care, focus on going to the mainland. The incredibly thriving medical insurance industry here will help significantly lower out-of-pocket costs. This means you should expect to pay 2% less than the national average for medical and healthcare services in Daytona.


There is no income tax charged by the state of Florida. The sales tax for Daytona Beach city is identical with the tax throughout the state, reaching 6.5% in 2021. The numbers are lower than in most US states that easily reach 7% and 8%.

Move To Daytona Beach, FL If You Are A NASCAR Fan

If you happen to be a big fan of cars in general or NASCAR in particular, you are going to appreciate the boardwalk area filled with restaurants and cozy bars with car and biker themes. Wait for the weeks of the Daytona 300 and 500 and you will see the city getting packed with expert drivers and their skilled crews, along with hundreds of fans eager to take part in the event. If you love the idea of speed tests, you could reunite with many other car enthusiasts from all parts of the world here.

The affordable cost of living, breathtaking beaches, awesome weather, friendly residents and green spaces in all neighborhoods here should make Daytona Beach the perfect place to consider for an upcoming change of home. Get in touch with some skilled and reliable Florida long distance movers today and get started!



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