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Using moving containers during a relocation is one of the best ways to save precious money while enjoying extra peace of mind. Given the very stressful nature of any move, whether a long distance move, across the city, corporate, office or residential, anything that can help ease the process is worth looking into. Moving pods will not only help you save money on an upcoming move, but they will also eliminate the extra hassle of having to take the truck wheel into your hand.

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By hiring the best moving container companies, you should simplify any relocation. With so many solid alternatives on the market right now, we know it can be difficult to figure out which of them would best match your needs. This is why we have done all the research work for you and figured out what are the top 5 moving pods companies that would best suit even the most versatile needs. Since every move is unique and comes with its own set of requirements and demands, it is crucial to be able to pick the best moving container company that can accommodate all these needs. What might work for some people might not be convenient for others, so familiarizing yourself with the most important elements of the best 5 moving container companies in 2022 should help you make the right choice.

#1: Opt For U-Haul Moving Containers To Save Money

Since pricing is on top of most people’s lists of decision-making factors when looking to hire a moving pods company, we have decided to begin our list of recommendations with U-Haul. The company charges some of the most affordable moving pod rates and prices for extra services. This means you can expect to save a lot of cash by giving them a go. With high-quality customer support services and a good mix of rental services for moving trucks and professional moving pod services, U-Haul is one of the indisputable industry leaders.

Their moving pods are known as U-Boxes and they can assist you with moving your household possessions with ease and zero headaches. If you are not looking forward to driving a moving van on your own, you can rely on their vast availability at a national level, fast deliveries in wooden containers, and appealing price quotes. Expect for a local move to be completed in one to two days, and for a cross-country move to take around 12 days. Of course, you can also decide to do the driving and have better control over the speed at which you should arrive at your new destination.

On average, an U-BOx measures 95 by 83.5 by 56 inches, and this size alone should suffice to complete a one-bedroom apartment relocation.

#2: Consider PODS For Their Innovative Designs

Portable on Demand Storage or PODS in short is another market leader when it comes to moving pods and storage services for various container alternatives. They handle short-distance services, as well as top solutions for long-distance relocations thanks to their highly innovative pod designs for extra convenience. Their affordable rates place them in the top 5 moving container companies in the US. Whether you will select their 16-foot pods, 12-foot containers, or 7 feet long pods, you will get to save serious cash. Keep in mind their quotes for large containers are a lot cheaper compared to the smaller pod alternatives provided by other services.

A 16-foot moving pod from PODS is capable of hosting items from a four-bedroom apartment while costing half the price that a competitor would normally charge. Nonetheless, you should expect their shipment speed to be slower when compared to their direct competitor’s companies. They also do not handle any loading or unloading solutions, so you will need to work out a different arrangement or personally handle these steps of the process.

#3: U-Pack For Quick Long-Distance Moves

If you are particularly interested in hiring a popular container pod provider that specializes in cross-country or long distance relocations at fast speeds, U-pack is the name for you. Their incredibly efficient moving pod services can complete any relocation in seven up to nine days, which is significantly faster compared to other to moving container solutions in the market.

Their cheap rates for domestic interstate moving pods services and top delivery are hard to beat. They rely on top-tier tracking gear for each of their shipments and the unique tracking numbers allocated to each customer will allow them to verify the current status of any container on a 24/7 basis.

#4: 1-800-PACK-RAT For Sturdy Container Solutions

Among the best moving container companies, we should also mention 1-800-PACK-RAT and their excellent moving and storage pod solutions for people in the United States, as well as Canada. Their sturdy containers come with extra features that can accommodate special loads for cross-country transits. These experts can safely carry your prized possessions in their 8-, 12-, or 16-foot containers for intrastate, intracity, or interstate relocations. They also provide 30 days of safe storage packed in their containers.

#5: Smart-Box For Quick And Simple Moves

Smart-Box is one of the best moving container companies for 2021 for smaller relocation for one-bedroom apartments. They work with small moving pods containers which also makes them suitable for college dorm moves and their affordable prices turn them into the perfect option for a move on a budget. They work with a special price-matching policy that should ensure you are always going to benefit from the most affordable rtes or a small-sized move.

Factors like the size of the moving pods, the transfer distance and the need to cover relocation for a one-bedroom apartment or a 5-bedroom house will all determine the exact portable moving container company in 2022. As one of the most affordable DIY moving solutions, it is something worth looking into.


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