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While hot tubs are some of the best investments in terms of home relaxation, they can also prove to be rather stressful when the day of the big move is fast approaching and you need to figure out how  to move a jacuzzi in a matter of days. Relocating the heavy, expensive item from your old home into your new one is even more complicated once you will acknowledge the full extent of the process, along with the bulky size, heavy weight, and often times irregular shape of these hot tubs.

If you are searching for quick and easy tips on how to move a hot tub on your own or you would like to know when and why to hire a mover for hot tub, read on. We have prepared the answers to some of your most burning questions here, so, without further ado, let’s get started.

Jacuzzi Moving – What Are Your Options?

If the time has come to decide how to tackle the relocation of your beloved hot tub during an upcoming move, you will need to choose one of the following alternatives:

  • you could decide to not move your jacuzzi, if your new place already has a hot tub installed or if relocating it is too complicated and expensive for your moving budget. The decision is difficult, as it means leaving one of your favorite sources of home relaxation and entertainment behind. Talk to a professional hot tub mover and ask for a detailed price estimate so you can know exactly how much it would cost to have the jacuzzi tub professionally packed and transferred by experienced movers. It might be more affordable to sell the old house with the current hot tub in it and invest in a new jacuzzi once you will arrive at the new property.
  • you could closely follow expert hot tub moving tips and save money on the move, while getting ready to invest a lot of time and energy in the process, depending on the type of hot tub you own. Factor in any previous experience you might have with moving a jacuzzi or a home spa system, the time needed to pack, load, transfer, unload, unpack, reposition and re-assemble the hot tub, as well as the potential dangers associated with the entire process.
  • you could hire expert hot tub or jacuzzi movers for a smooth and stress-free relocation and get to enjoy your prized hot tub on day one of your arrival there.

Hot Tub Moving Tips

If you are considering the option of personally relocating your hot tub, the challenge will require some serious preparation.

A Helping Hand

For starters, you will need to make sure you can rely on the help of friends, coworkers, or neighbors, as moving a hot tub is a job that requires a conjoined effort.

Physical Health Status

Make sure that your own health and current physical status allow you to complete the process without risking any personal injury. A standard jacuzzi usually weights around 800 pounds on average, which means a single wrong step could lead to severe injuries of the individuals involved in the hot tub relocation.

You will need to have at least four people prepared for the jacuzzi hot tub moving procedure given how challenging this task truly is without the use of expert help of some sort. Provided you cannot secure assistance form at least two or three friends, it is best to call a professional moving company to assist you with your exact hot tub moving needs.

Have Some Basic Knowledge On How Hot Tubs Work

This will help you understand how important the planning and preparation truly are and how to tackle them the right way. Carefully study the instructions provided by the manufacturer and you should rapidly understand that moving a hot tub is not as easy as simply wrapping it up and taking it with you in your car.

Improper Manipulation Risks

Thirdly, there is also the risk of improper manipulation, packing, and transportation that could lead to costly hot tub damage.

Get The Right Hot Tub Moving Gear

Among some of the most important tips for moving a hot tub, we need to mention the need for suitable equipment consisting of several four-wheeled furniture dollies, along with moving straps, an appliance dolly, and 4×4 wood pieces.

When And Why Hire A Mover For Hot Tub

Undoubtedly, hiring a top mover with rich experience in moving jacuzzi hot tubs is the safest alternative to consider under almost all circumstances. Unless you are a professional mover yourself and you can handle the disassembling, packing, and transfer of the hot tub on your own, using your expert equipment, you should seriously consider hiring a hot tub mover to get the job done.

How much will a mover charge to relocate your hot tub? There are several factors that will dictate the amount written on the final bill. Just keep in mind that deciding to rely on a reputable mover like the ones we can recommend to you will save you from a lot of hassle, including the risk of causing serious damage to your home spa or the risk of personal injuries because of improper manipulation.

A jacuzzi mover will also bring in many years of moving experience to the table, ensuring they will use the most advanced and suitable moving equipment for a safe and fast relocation every time


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