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Moving house is a costly procedure that requires a lot of planning and incurs many risks from start to finish. Finding ways to keep the moving costs to a minimum is a good idea that could help you lower the overall moving expenses, and knowing where to get free moving boxes is an important step of the process.

If you would like to know how to find free boxes for moving to considerably cut your packing expenses, you’ve reached the right page. Cardboard box costs are usually responsible for sending your moving budget through the roof. Here is what you can do to keep these costs low. energy to go hunting for free moving boxes.

DIY Vs. Hiring Professional Movers: Free Moving Boxes Can Lower Your Expenses

No matter if you plan on hiring expert movers to tackle your upcoming relocation from start to finish or you wish to try a DIY move and save more money, getting free moving boxes will prove to be extremely handy.

Top movers will usually provide you with a complete array of packing services that will also include the use of expert packing and moving boxes and supplies. However, you could also opt to have your items personally packed using your own boxes and lower the final bill. On the other hand, the self-packing option is also part of the DIY moving process, so, either way, it would be helpful to learn how and where to find free moving boxes.

Here are a few good ideas of sources for free moving boxes:

Friends and neighbors

Look for those who have recently moved or who own a lot of stored cardboard boxes in their homes or garages. You could also get in touch with acquaintances you are not very close to and find out if they have moved out recently and whether they have some boxes they may be willing to get rid of without too much hassle. Do some networking and ask your close friends to ask their own friends around, or use your social media contacts and consider starting a “I need free moving boxes” topic on a local Reddit or Facebook group and wait for replies from strangers.

Home electronics and local produce stores

There are plenty of local home electronics and retail stores that usually store used cardboard boxes than they need. Just be sure to contact them and ask the right questions and keep a close eye on the daily scheduled shipment of goods being delivered to them. Remember, the bigger the chosen local store, the greater the number of moving boxes you can expect to be gifted. The majority of these businesses are asked by law to dispose of their corrugated cardboard boxes in an eco-friendly manner. This means they need to break them down and hand them over to dedicated recycling centers. This means you could be actually saving them precious time and energy by asking them to gift the free moving boxes to you.

Use Google Maps and mark down several big stores in your area, give them a call or email them and see if it would be possible to collect the free boxes at a time and date that would work best for them.

Online, on specialized recycling websites

while going online to look for places where to get free moving boxes might not be the first thing to pop to your head, it is definitely a good idea to give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover a variety of online sources of moving boxes such as Craigslist or Freecycle. Go on Craigslist, as this is one of the best places to get moving boxes without even having to leave the house and go on a hunt for them.

Look for free cardboard boxes nearby so you can drive to a location indicated by someone on Craigslist and save precious time and money on transportation to the pickup place. Get ready to come across a large variety of packing materials from people who have recently relocated on their own and who are looking to get rid of the bulky boxes for free.

Freecycle is also a good place counting over 5,000 groups part of a huge network of 9+ million members with the purpose of keeping items that can still be used and upcycled usable out of the garbage bin and into new owners’ homes. You won’t have to pay any membership fee here and you will be allowed to post your ads for free. Make sure to first figure out how many free moving boxes to get, then pace your ads and cross your fingers for a few replies from people in your area.

Bookstores, shopping centers, copy centers, and bars

Basically, any spot that uses dozens if not hundreds of cardboard boxes on a daily basis to carry new merchandise in should make for a good source of free moving boxes worth looking into. Personally phone or pay them a visit and try your luck. At most, you will receive a polite refusal, so you have nothing to lose.

These are a few of the best places where you could find a number of free moving boxes; get in touch with several of these potential sources at once so you can make sure you will gather enough free cardboard boxes to match your exact packing needs. Rely on an expert mover with complete packing services instead, if you do not have the time and energy to go hunting for free moving boxes.


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