Temporary Storage Solutions For Your Move


Getting ready for your heavily planned cross-state corporate move? Looking for some assistance with your last minute interstate residential relocation plans? Whether you need to move house or you need help with your corporate or commercial move outside the city limits, Reputable Mover is here for you. We assess, test, rate and review the most dependable long distance movers in the industry. Save yourself the trouble of researching for hours in a row only to end up hiring a fraud and having them keep your prized possession hostage in their trucks, containers or temporary storage rooms. Get in touch with us and let us provide you with a few free estimates for professional moving services that offer top temporary storage services.

Why Do You Need Professional Storage Services?

As a business manager responsible for relocating your employees or a corporate employee busy with your own relocation to a different city or state, it may be necessary to also focus on finding short term storage for some or all of your items. Why would you need to look for temporary storage? For instance, the new rental office space may not be fully renovated by the time the movers’ trucks will reach the destination. Or you may not be able to sort out all the details of the new lease, rent new furniture, sign off with the new electricity or gas company and the list goes on. Or maybe your new residential home has not been completely evacuated by the formed tenants or owners. Whatever the case, we can help you find the safest, most reliable storage services that would cater to your every need, be it storage for your residential, commercial or corporate belongings.

How To Find Good Storage Services?

Get in touch with us by phone or fill in our online form, get a free price estimate for your long-distance move and we will provide you with a transparent and fair quote that should cover any packing and unpacking, temporary storage and additional requirements you might express once we will get in touch with you.


Rest assured that any of the movers we will recommend to you will be fully trained, experienced, affordable and reliable in terms of moving services, as well as storage solutions. Save yourself the hassle of coming across scammers and only work with movers that can provide you with top-notch, secured, temperature-controlled storage units for your short and long term storage needs.

What To Expect From A Short Term Storage Facility

  • fully-equipped warehouses and storage rooms for free temporary storage up to 30 days
  • state-of-the-art amenities such as remote monitoring via high-end cameras with movement sensors
  • temperature and humidity control sensors that will help maintain your belongings in the ideal room temperature and air humidity levels. Important papers, client files, furniture or fragile items require extra protection when being stored and the top movers we will recommend will make sure to run that extra mile for you.
  • specialized  pick-up and drop-off storage services for fragile and sensitive items at high risk of damage when transported with your other possessions
  • storage for fragile carpeting, bulky kitchen appliances, office supplies and electronics
  • security guard protection and advanced alarm systems for high levels of safety
  • double wrapping, special padding and edge protectors for ideal storage solutions
  • automated inventory and effective object retrieval solutions for fast access to your items 24/7

At times, due to unforeseen moving conditions or other reasons, you may need to prolong storage for your items. This can be easily done with the help of long term storage unit solutions that generally start at 90 days and range from one mover to another, especially in terms of maximum storage time allowed. Make sure you talk to your mover about any long term storage unit needs you may have.

Cheap Temporary Storage Units

While most movers will provide 30-day temporary storage for your items for free, going over that limit may and will usually incur some costs. Also, there may be costs you will need to pay for moving out of storage to your new address. The storage price will depend on the volume of items that you will need to store, as well as the distance from the storage facility to your new destination, any extra fees, tolls, additional padding that might be necessary, unpacking at the new address and so on.

Reputable Mover will always put you in touch with the cheapest storage service prices provided by top-tier moving companies in your vicinity. Give us a call and let us calculate and issue your free price estimate now!