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Are you looking for reasons to move to Austin? Would you like to know what are the current rental prices here, what are the greatest attractions and how to easily and seamlessly move to Austin, TX? Read on!

Move To Austin, The Land Of Startups and Creators

If you are a creator looking for a place where you can reunite with fellow artists, Austin is what you are looking for. The city has been named the haven for creators and it also happens to be one of the fastest developing cities in the United States. While some people might regard this as an advantage,

others might frown upon it and consider it nothing less than a curse. If you are determined to turn into an Austinite anytime soon or you are still contemplating the thought of relocating here, here are some quick facts that might help:

  • Moving to Austin, Texas means getting ready to witness a genuine cultural boom.
  • The city has been ranked 11th in regards to its population and it currently clocks close to one million people.
  • In 2018, the city was also ranking on the 19th position in a top of the cities with the highest rent prices in the US. On average, renting a one-bedroom apartment here would cost close to $1,230.
  • At the same time, Austin is also known for its spicy living costs which have propelled it on the 23rd position in a top of the most expensive American cities to live in. In other words, moving here is not that expensive, but, to maintaining a certain level of comfort, you should make sure your job, be it in the creative field or something else, will pay enough to support your lifestyle.
  • If you want to move to Austin TX, you should know that while the city is not an impressively large one, it is extremely versatile and there are plenty of differences from one area to the next, whether you plan on moving Downtown, in Hyde Park, or Highland.

How Much Does Living In Austin Cost?

If you plan on moving to Austin and renting a house or an apartment here, here are some figures that you might find interesting:

  • if your rental budget is not limited, and you would love to move to a beautiful and expensive neighborhood, you could consider moving Downtown, in Old West Austin, or These neighborhoods have an impressively long and rich history, but they are also some of the busiest neighborhoods you could choose. The average price for rent here ranges between $1800 and $2500 a month.
  • If you would like to find something more affordable, you could look into some offers in Hyde Park, West Congress, Rosedale, or The prices there range between $1200 and $1500 a month.
  • If you need something even more convenient, you should try renting a property in Windsor Park, Highland, or Parket Lane, where rent usually runs from as little as $955 and goes as high as $1075 a month.

While how much you are going to pay on your rent in Austin is an important element to factor in, there are plenty of other determining details that you should consider when deciding which neighborhood to pick. The vibe of the chosen neighborhood, the level of crime, your proximity to parks, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, or the traffic you can expect to face when commuting to work are all part of the same list. You should know that Austin has plenty of traffic congestion problems similar to other metropolitan areas and I-35 can get excessively busy on a daily basis. However, a project focused on bringing some serious improvements to the traffic situation here is already underway. If you plan on moving to Austin, you can expect to be moving around in this hyperactive city in a smoother and more fluid manner in the near future.

Choose The Best Austin TX Movers

The success of your moving to Austin experience is also going to depend on the movers you will hire or the path you will decide to walk on: a DIY move with moving pods or professional long distance moving company experience with packing, temporary storage, and scheduled open-air or enclosed car transportation. Let us know exactly what you need help with, whether you are looking for full or partial packing and unpacking solutions for vintage items, fragile decorations or office equipment and we will make sure that you will stay within your budget and benefit from the quality moving services that you deserve. We review the most successful, popular and trustworthy top movers in the country and we guarantee each and every one of them is able to provide you with the most satisfying services.

We can also put you in touch with Austin TX movers that provide affordable and reliable moving container alternatives no matter if you plan on moving to the more rural Liberty Hill area or the more expensive Georgetown three months from now or in a couple of weeks.

Only work with the most reliable, affordable, and friendly licensed Austin moving companies in the country for a stress-free relocation!


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