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Living in a beautiful coastal community is a dream many people have, and for good reason. There are many wonderful perks of living alongside Florida’s coastline. If you have chosen Delray Beach on the east coast as you are eager to be a part of Palm Beach County and breathe in the salty ocean air every day, keep reading.

Interesting history

Delray Beach currently hosts around 70,000 people of all ages and from all walks of life. With many beautiful and incredibly vibrant neighborhoods and tons of trendy amenities to enjoy, life in Delray can be exciting.

The city has a rich history originating in the 1800s when it started out as an agricultural community. In 1911, it was officially turned into a town. The local farmers started to focus on building tomato and pineapple canning facilities. Pineapples turned into the main type of crop here while also setting the ground for today’s Pineapple Grove neighborhood.

Gradually, Delray Beach continued its growth and turned into an attractive tourist destination and a coveted residential town. The fact that Delray was quickly growing in popularity started bringing in a lot of writers and artists who found their inspiration in the natural beauty here. These artists managed to set the ground for the impressive artistic community that can be currently found within city borders.

Interstate 95 was built in the seventies and it irreversibly turned the city into an undeniable attraction for visitors in all parts of the country. The interstate simplified access into the city, which means tourists have been flocking the destination ever since.

Good Delray Beach Housing Opportunities

Delray Beach is a small coastal city displaying a diverse selection of trendy neighborhoods designed with eclectic architectural styles. Modern-day home designs are suitable for the vibrant demographic that is attracted to the region. Delray Beach has some of the most lowest average real estate prices. A home here is sold at around $260,000, while the average cost of rental is close to $2,160 a month.

There is something for everybody here, ranging from single-family homes, apartment complexes, mobile homes, town-homes, and others. Apartment complexes are in the lead. Around 60 percent of all Delray Beach homes are occupied by their rightful owners. Only 30 percent of the residents pay rent here. If you would like to hire a Florida mover to relocate you to Delray Beach, make sure to carefully study all real estate opportunities coming your way to make the best choice.

Any home located along the beautiful ocean has a unique charm that is hard to beat. Delray homes are beautifully designed in a variety of styles, ranging from the classic Mediterranean design with its arched doorways and clay rooftops or the gorgeous Art Deco design in the twenties.

Top Neighborhoods for Young Families, Retirees, and Singles

Among the pros of moving to Delray Beach, FL we can also mention the incredible selection of available neighborhoods. The city hosts wide demographics featuring retirees, young families, singles, and any other category you could think of. The versatile array of neighborhoods you will be able to peruse here is suitable for all types of needs:

  • For married couples, try Delray Shores. More than 50 percent of the population here consists of married couples with children. You will not only come across some of the highest-ranking schools here, but you will also enjoy an affordable lifestyle.
  • Opt for Downtown Delray Beach if you are a working professional looking for a new home in the Delray area. You should appreciate the vibrant feel of this place with a lot of beautiful antique homes, modern condominiums and apartment complexes, and cool entertainment amenities. There are also lots of job opportunities here given the impressive number of major businesses that have established their headquarters here.
  • Opt for Aavaon Trails if you are a retiree. This is an amazing55+ local community that will make all your retirement dreams come true. With loads of private amenities such as The Club at Avalon Trails with all of its pools, fitness studio, mesmerizing gardens, or tennis courts, you will never feel bored here.

Gorgeous Parks and Beaches

As expected, Delray Beach is home to a two-mile stretch of beautiful beaches with easy access. Delray Municipal Beach is one of the best beaches in the entire south-east area of the US. Its sand is well taken care of and the sparkling ocean water adds to the popularity and appeal of this beach. Atlantic Dunes Park is excellent for those of you looking for a quiet place to relax. The beach is nestled in a canopied region and it features a gorgeous walkway made of wood, as well as an observation platform.

Anchor Park is home to fine sand, the warm waters in the Gulf Stream Current, and some of the safest waves in the area. The beach is found behind Atlantic Avenue and it hosts plenty of nightclubs, restaurants, and cozy boutiques. Make sure you hire some reputable Delray Beach FL movers to help you relocate all your stuff before the 4th of July so you can admire the sky-rockets popping over the ocean.

The Gulfstream Park stretches along the oceanfront and it is mainly preferred by the locals. There is also an amazing playground for kids here, along with a picnic area. Veterans Park and the West Delray Regional Park are additional parks that will grab your attention here.

Amazing Delray Beach FL Staples

Check out The Delray Beach Playhouse, a staple in the Delray Beach local community. It is located in Lake Ida East Park and it can keep you busy for hours. The Silverball Museum is more suitable for video game nostalgics and retro fans eager to see 150+ video games and antique pinball machines dating back to the thirties.

The Sandoway Discovery Center is great for children eager to enroll in interesting environmental educational classes.

Hopefully, the previous information will help you decide it is time to pick up the phone and call the best moving company to start planning the logistics for your upcoming move here. Take your pick from our list of hot recommendations!


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