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If you are searching for the answer to the question “Should I use open air or enclosed auto transport services for my upcoming relocation?”, you have reached the right page. We are going to briefly introduce you to the main pros and cons of both car shipping solutions offered by professional auto transport services so you can make the right choice for your custom needs. If you are in a hurry, get in touch with us and allow us to put you in touch with the best long distance moving companies that can cater to all your relocation needs for a hassle-free and convenient experience.

Why Hire Expert Car Shipping Services?

If you are planning an upcoming move out of town or you wish to move to a different state and you do not want to leave your vehicles behind or have to sell them, you should hire a car shipping company. These expert auto transport companies can easily ship any number of personal or company vehicles part of a large fleet to any location across the country. There are also several top moving companies that handle vehicle shipping across country borders, if you are getting ready for an international relocation.

The way you will choose to have your cars, vans, motorcycles, and other vehicles transferred to your desired location, be it with the help of open transport or enclosed auto transport solutions will depend on a series of factors:

  • your moving expectations
  • the emergency character of the relocation
  • the size of your moving budget
  • relocation distance
  • the climate and weather forecasts for the day of the move

The majority of car shipping services in the country will move your vehicle using tractor trailers via open-air options or enclosed transport solutions. There are various similarities and differences between these two transport solutions, and below we are going to introduce you to a few of the most common of them.

Open Auto Transport VS Enclosed Auto Transport

  • An auto transport moving company that offers open-air truck transport solutions uses trucks that are between 75 and 80 feet long, capable of hauling two-level trailers carrying an entire row of cars on top. These open trucks can also carry a shorter row of cars on the bottom and they do not have any sides or rooftops on the trailers. This means the vehicles they will carry will be directly exposed to rain, snowfall, wind, and other elements.
  • On the other hand, an enclosed truck used to transport vehicles during a move relies on a trailer that is completely enclosed. This trailer is covered by an enclosed rooftop as well as four sides, offering a safer and more secure transportation solution for the vehicles, protecting them from the elements and bad weather conditions.
  • Open air transport services cost less than enclosed vehicle transport solutions. If you are running on a limited budget, this factor could simplify your decision.
  • Open-air car transport also provides enhanced visibility compared to the enclosed alternative for transportation, as drivers are allowed to easily assess and visually inspect the cars they need to transfer during transit.
  • Open auto transport uses lighter trucks compared to the enclosed auto transport solution, which also means that less fuel is consumed. This does not only have direct effects on the prices charged by these movers, but it will also help lower the carbon footprint.
  • On the other hand, open auto transfers require the vehicles to the directly subject to the elements on a continuous basis, as opposed to the fully enclosed alternative. This means that there is little to no protection against debris found on the road, which is not the case for enclosed tractor trailers.

Which Option Is Best For You?

Enclosed auto shopping is preferred for expensive sports cars, antique vehicles, as well as luxury cars due to the higher level of protection it can ensure. The enclosed trailer will accurately protect all vehicles from road debris and bad weather conditions that could shatter windows, cause damage to the headlights or rooftops, break the rearview mirrors and so on. At times, powerful winds, heavy snowfall or hail rain could also wreak havoc on a vehicle shipped using an open-air tractor trailer.  Road debris could also easily get kicked up and carried onto the vehicles on the trailer.

If you’re particularly interested in moving your precious personal or commercial vehicle fleet to a new location with zero damage and no extra headaches, the enclosed shipping solution is the best one for you. While drivers will not be able to perform routine inspections of the cars during the transit and you will be charged more, these services will provide you with more peace of mind.

If you are looking to transfer an older vehicle that carries no sentimental or large monetary value for you, opting for open-air tractor trailer services is the best idea. Usually, low ground clearance cars should also be transferred with the help of enclosed auto transport services.

Get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with several free moving quotes from top auto shipping companies so you can make the best deal. Only hire bonded and licensed vehicle transport services so you can enjoy the most affordable open auto transport prices or the most competitive enclosed auto transport rates in town.


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