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Planning a move to Nashville, Tennessee is an important life decision that should be carefully pondered. Before deciding to pick up the phone and call a Nashville TN mover to come to pack your stuff, find out what living there would be like for you.

We have prepared some important highlights of why moving to Nashville might be a good idea. Check out our mini-guide with all the ins and outs of Nashville as well as the most popular things the city is known for.

The People Here Are Friendly

The city is not only extremely fun to live in, but it is also full of nice, friendly people with different cultural backgrounds. Many people move here from all parts of the country thanks to the growing job market and amazing music industry here. With no shortage of fresh residents and plenty of celebs living here, including Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton, you should have no problem quickly making new friends in town.

Nashville Is The Capital City Of Country Music

Also called “Music City”, Nashville is the ideal place for big fans of country music. The city is home to The Grande Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and it even hosts the Country Music Association Music Festival on a yearly basis. Nashville is the home of many artists and musicians who have signed off with the record labels based here.

Moving here means coming across fresh artists playing down the street or at your new favorite local bar on a daily basis. Country music is not the only genre you will hear in Nashville. If you are a big fan of gospel music or classical music, you are going to appreciate the performances of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Robert’s Western World, or the Mercy Lounge.

Nashville Has The Second Largest Market For Jobs In The Country

No matter if you plan on moving to Nashville jobless or with a secured position in your pocket, you should rest assured there will be thousands of employment opportunities waiting here. In 2020, the city officially had the largest job market of all the cities in the US. Plus, substantial growth is projected in the upcoming years. Many people claim it can be more difficult to come across a good housing opportunity here than it is to find a job.

The unemployment rate here is currently at 2.6%, while the labor force growth rate is at 3.2%, with most jobs in the tourism and tech industries. Amazon is a huge magnet for thousands of new jobs, so there is no wonder you will come across plenty of young professionals moving here looking for a career update.

Nashville Has 5 Professional Sports Teams

Sports fans trying to decide if moving to Nashville, TN is a good idea should have an easier time making the call. The city is home to 5 professional sports teams, including the Nashville Predators, the Tennessee Titans, or the Nashville Sounds. There are non-stop games played at the Bridgestone Arena, Nissan Stadium, or the Simmons Bank Open for golf fans.

The city even has its own professional soccer team, the Nashville SC, so choose a sport and a team to root for and get ready for some of most engaging sports events all year round.

There Is An Abundance Of Top Restaurants To Choose From In Nashville

If you are familiar with southern hospitality, you must know the kind of tasty southern food you should expect to find here. In fact, the culinary scene in the city is remarkable and there is no risk of running out of fresh food to try here thanks to the hundreds of eateries, taverns, and bars.

You might have heard of the famous hot chicken in Nashville, which is the city’s take on fried spicy chicken seasoned with delicious cayenne pepper. Find it on almost all menus in the city and expect some different recipes versions with each new restaurant you visit. There are even restaurants that have dedicated their name to the famous Nashville dish, including Hattie B’s Hot Chicken or Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. We recommend going to Hattie B’s Hot Chicken first. The place is excellent if you have never tried this dish before, as the chicken is mildly seasoned. On the opposite side, you can try Prince’s version of the hot chicken. They truly manage to put the hot in the dish. Just keep in mind the food is so good here you are likely to be sitting in a long line, so go there as early in the day as possible.

Cafe Roze is excellent for fans of Asian and Mediterranean food. Brown’s Diner is great for having a quick beer, a tasty burger, and some hush puppies with your buddies, while Wendell Smith’s is perfect for trying out the tasty Southern comfort food.

If you are a big fan of margaritas, make sure to drop by the Rosepepper Cantina. Their award-winning, unique margarita recipes are considered the best margaritas in Nashville, and their tacos are simply out of this world.

How Much Does Moving To Nashville, Tennessee Cost?

The great news is that Nashville has a cost of living that is 3% lower compared to the US average. The prices of the homes here are 9% lower compared to the national average, while the utility costs are 10% lower than in other cities around the country. The rental costs are lower compared to the national average, even though the city was ranked as more expensive than Atlanta and Dallas in 2019.

If you are determined to move to one of the best cities in Tennessee, choose Nashville. It was voted as one of the best places to live in the country as well as one of the best places to retire by the prestigious U.S. News. Check out our top Tennesse long distance movers recommendations and have them answer any other Nashville moving questions you might have.


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