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Jacksonville FL is considered one of the most livable cities in the United States, thanks to its amazingly numerous and versatile job opportunities, state-of-the-art recreational options, and lovely weather felt all year long. If you are also contemplating the idea of moving to Jacksonville FL for any of these reasons or something else, these next few lines should persuade you even more that life in Jacksonville is always better.

Jacksonville FL, Home to 500 Top Neighborhoods

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by population and it is located on St. Johns River’s banks in the North-East, just 25 miles south of the border with the state of Georgia. The city is home to the International Airport in Jacksonville next to the downtown region and its vast network of interstate highways ties it with the states around it, as well as the rest of the country.A

Moving to Jacksonville FL means getting ready to join the 890,000 residents who have already chosen to call the city their home. Jacksonville is the largest American city by surface, but this does not mean that the cost of living here is necessarily as high as you might expect it to be, which is usually the case with other similarly large cities. On the contrary, living in Jacksonville is more affordable and convenient than you might think, and there are more than 500 excellent neighborhoods to consider.

The cost of real estate here is quite low and it is possible to come across an impressive number of homes that are larger in size than the home you are currently living in somewhere else in the country. Upsizing, in other words, is a real possibility here, and the same goes for actually increasing your savings by moving to Jacksonville FL. How is this possible? It’s simple.

The cost of most utilities here, along with the cost of groceries and even the majority of expenses tied to entertainment are lower than the ones you will usually find in other American cities that are similar in size to Jacksonville. Therefore, deciding to move to Jacksonville may be a lot smarter and more beneficial to your bank account than you might imagine. Here are some of the hottest neighborhoods you could consider for your relocation:

San Marco. If you happen to love Italy and everything about it, consider San Marco as a top Jacksonville neighborhood to relocate to. San Marco does not only have an Italian name that will automatically make you think of Italy, but it is actually a miniature version of the European country. It has been built in the twenties and it is an incredibly artsy neighborhood inspired by the Piazza San Marco, housing numerous historic properties and mansions suitable for singles and young couples alike. The restaurants and retail outlets of Atlantic and San Marco boulevards are an easy walk from local residences.

Northside. Located north of St. Johns River nearby important attractions like the Jacksonville Zoo, the Huguenot Memorial Park, or the International Airport in the city, the neighborhood is suitable for retired citizens and active families who are big fans of spacious properties that will oftentimes measure up to one acre and sometimes more. If you are ready to transfer all your prized possessions to such a huge property in Northside, made sure you hire the most reliable Florida’s cross country moving companies to safely bring everything ver to Jacksonville, no matter which state, city, or area of the US you might currently reside in.

Keep in mind you will come across the most expensive residential properties alongside the riverfront. If you are looking for something more affordable and this is your first time buying a house, you could opt for the most modest ranch-type of homes located just a few blocks away from the more luxurious properties mentioned previously.

Southside. If you are looking for a growing suburb where you and your family will feel at home, opt for the Southside neighborhood. This place has a very low rate of neighborhood crimes and it is flooded with natural parks, highly reputable schools, and fast ways of reaching Interstate 95. the neighborhood is suitable for all budget sizes, as it displays a variety of properties ranging from bungalows to luxurious gated communities where the residents enjoy their private golf court. Just keep in mind the traffic is rather heavy here, so you may need to arm yourself with plenty of patience, especially during rush hour.

The Beaches. If moving to Jacksonville Florida is mostly a result of your desire to relocate somewhere next to a beach, you wouldn’t be the only one. Lots of people choose Florida for the gorgeous beaches and sunny weather, and the numerous neighborhoods located on the side of the beach in Jacksonville make the city an excellent choice from this point of view. These neighborhoods, however, will tend to get a little more expensive than other areas, but their charm and allure are definitely worth it. Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach are a few of the most popular beach neighborhoods here where residents oftentimes spend their time riding the waves, rollerblading by the beachfront, or jogging by the ocean. Whether you are interested in moving into a single-family home or a condo, as a young entrepreneur, you will have plenty of choices here.

Orange Park and Riverside are other popular neighborhoods in Jacksonville with picturesque communities and deep historic roots you might want to take a look at.

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