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If you are looking for a highly accurate final cost for your upcoming long distance move, a moving quote is of great use. For best results, make sure you get several moving quotes from different top movers in the country. They are free of charge, instant and incur no obligations. Getting multiple estimates will give you a more competitive edge. Movers will try to either use the “price match” strategy and lower their costs so they can be on the same page with their direct competitors, or provide you with appealing discounts that will help them clearly rise above their competition.  Either way, it means you will benefit from the lowest moving prices possible.

A moving quote is based on a number of details and information that will help movers provide you with a more accurate outlook of the final price for the cross-country relocation you are planning. Processing all these factors can take a lot of time, so having a service like ours that can almost instantly provide you with the required estimates online is a big plus.

To make the best decision, you will want to look at price comparisons and a list of moving services so you can know what to expect from each mover. Reputable Mover constantly runs that extra mile in an attempt to offer the fastest and most accurate moving estimates on the market. Stop delaying your corporate move because you are afraid you will go over budget. Find out how much it will cost you to relocate your business across the state borders now!

How To Use Moving Estimates To Your Best Advantage

After gathering a few cross-country moving quotes you are pleased with, it is time to do some research concerning the movers’ prestige and credentials:

  • federal authorization issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for relocating your items over state lines
  • look for an experienced moving company that has been in the industry for many years
  • ask to be granted a personal moving consultant who that will rapidly answer all of your questions and concerns during the move
  • attentively compare several movers’ service lists and price ranges
  • find out what kind of insurance they use and what insurance companies they work with

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Reputable Mover can provide you with a fully customizable moving estimate that is bound to match your every bespoke need and request. Our long years of experience working in the field have helped us understand how to offer the best personalized estimate experiences for long distance moving needs.

Step #1: Ask for a quote online or by phone
Call (877)294-4406 and ask for a free quote or use the Reputable Mover online form on our site and enter your name, email address, home address, moving date, moving size and wait for us to get in touch with you.

Step 2: Schedule a property survey
Once you will decide upon several companies, you should expect them to get in touch with you and ask for a a confirmation of your move details, further discuss details on your move over the phone or via email and schedule a survey for the items that will be moved.

Step 3: Build your moving plan
The estimator will proceed to weigh and measure the belongings you will need moved and assist you with creating your custom moving plan that can accurately match your requirements, budget size and timeframe. You will receive a more accurate version of the original quote.

Step 4: Plan the relocation
Have your personal moving consultant thoroughly explain the moving process to you in detail and offer you all the necessary tips and resources for planning your long distance move.

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How are the moving quotes calculated?
Based on the assessment of the cargo that needs to be moved or shipped, the necessary equipment, packing supplies and employees needed to manipulate the freight, the mover will calculate an approximate cost and quote it to you. On on-site quotes tend to be more accurate as they cover all the details of the move, compared to a more general quote given over the phone. Beware of movers who refuse to give you free on-site moving quotes, as you could risk dealing with a company that charges hidden fees and extra charges that were not part of the original quote.
How can I get a moving quote?
You can either use a specialized moving cost calculator online, fill in the details of your move and wait for an approximate cost to be calculated for you automatically, or use the next formula:
(rate/hour) X (hours needed to complete the relocation) X (number of movers) + (additional travel fees) + (extra packing and moving services)
You can also ask for a free moving estimate online, by phone, using an email or short price quote form most movers have on their websites on by having an estimator come over and complete a weighing of the cargo.
What is a binding estimate?
Binding quotes refer to the price that has been quoted in the mover’s estimate and it represents the amount of money you will need to pay, even when the freight will weigh less or more than the original amount that has been initially estimated. The mover can also charge you for the binding estimate, as opposed to a non-binding price quote that is usually free.
How much do intrastate/out of state moves cost?
An average state-to-state move should cost around $5,600 on average, while the interstate move cost should be around $1,150, on average, based on a cargo weighing 7,000 pounds.
What is the average cost per pound for a long-distance move?
Generally, a long-distance move should cost around $.50 and $.70 per pound of items that need to be relocated 1,000 miles from the starting location. A one-bedroom apartment normally hosts goods that weight 2,000 pounds on average, which means that the moving cost would reach anywhere between $1,000 and $1,400. These costs will go up and down, depending on the distance that the movers will need to travel (more or less than 1000 miles) and ant additional services that may be needed.
Do I need to pay the moving company before or after the move?
A reliable, honest and highly reputable moving company like the ones we rate and review for you will never ask for an upfront cash payment or a large cash deposit prior to the move.
When will I be asked to pay the invoice?
Usually, you should expect to pay the bill on the day when all your items will safely reach your new address, upon the completion of the move. Paying upfront means having little to no control over the day when you will be able to regain control over your items.
Can I pay using my credit card?
If possible, pay using a credit card to minimize any risk of falling victim to fraudulent activity. While all the movers we recommend are highly trustworthy and reputable, if, for any reason, you may need to file a complaint against them, using a credit card as a payment method should come in handy.
Do movers charge by freight volume or weight?
Each mover uses a different policy when calculating the costs of a relocation, but the majority of movers will not charge exclusively by cargo volume or weight unless they will be required to ship cargo at some point during the move. If this is the case, the volume and weight of the freight will be used to determine the final costs of the relocation. Usually, the manpower and time needed to complete a move, the packing materials, furniture disassembling and reassembling, packing services, temporary, gas, special moving requests and the rest of logistics will contribute to the final bill.