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CCM stands for Cross Country Movers, a long distance moving company with a wide range of moving services at your disposal. CCM brings a new perspective on moving, promising a high-quality service to all customers. Our team of professionals has been adequately trained in tasks such as packing, shipping, loading, storage, and relocation.
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Reputable Mover is a company providing moving services at the highest level. Call our customer service department anytime between 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and we can help you with any of your moving needs. Our company makes it a point to align you with the best agents in the world so that you can have the greatest moving experience possible. So if your planning on moving out or moving in the future call us today so we can help you get there.
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Since 1928 Allied Van Lines has been helping families move nationwide. We offer long distance moving services nationwide. State to state moving, storage options are avaialbel as well as specialty packing/crating. We offer weight based estimates to help calculate your move. Call Now For a Free Quote.
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United Van Lines is America’s #1 mover. It’s a position we take great pride in because it came about by truly serving our customers like no other van line in the industry. It’s a position that we maintain because we know our
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“Mayflower provides you with the tools you need for a successful move. You can stay organized and in control during your move with our personalized MyMayflower interactive move planner. Your customized site provides access t
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Best Long Distance Moving Companies In Maine

An out of state move does not have to make you feel stressed out, cause you to break the bank and give you many sleepless nights. With a top mover by your side, your long distance corporate or residential move can be as easy as 1-2-3.


ME State to State Moving Companies Reviews

If you have zero experience researching Maine movers and you are in a hurry to get a price quote and start packing, the Reputable Mover platform is just what you need. We specialize in researching, reviewing and giving out free price estimates from top moving companies in Maine. It is important to know what kind of services to expect to receive, how much they cost and what kind of customer support services will accompany you in your endeavor.

Why waste any more precious time trying to do all the research on your own and risk coming across scammers pretending to be reliable movers when you could rely on our long years of experience and advanced expertize in the field? We accurately test out, rate, rank and vet each of the Maine long distance moving companies you can currently find on our site. We offer detailed company reviews detailing all the services the mover offers, any special services available on request such as furniture and office equipment disassembling and reassembling, additional padding and wrapping for fragile possessions, temporary storage that goes over 90 days and the list goes on. No matter if you need classical home or office relocation services or you need help with a complex corporate or executive move across several state borders, we can help you find the most trustworthy, diligent, affordable and streamlined mover in MA.

We rely on official consumer reports and data from the Better Business Bureau when compiling our unbiased and transparent reviews, so we can report on the most genuine experiences you could expect to find with any of the movers we recommend. You can fully trust the movers listed on our site to safely move your shipment consisting of bulky appliances such as refrigerators, antique furniture, chandeliers, heavy furniture that needs to be disassembled, mirrors and other sensitive items that require special attention and the list goes on.

Ask for a free price estimate today and see if there are any special discounts and promotions you could take advantage of. Keep in mind most movers will either try to use the price match strategy to win you over as a customer provided you have obtained several competitive quotes, or give you discounts for the same reason. Empower yourself and be more knowledgeable about what a long distance move means and what kind of services you could hire and get started today. Give us a call or fill in our online form and get your zero-obligation Maine move estimate and start planning your upcoming home or company relocation.

Moving Company Costs in Maine

Price is often times a deal breaker when it comes to hiring a new moving company to help you relocate to a different state. Most people wrongfully think such a move is going to force them to break the bank, given the long mileage and the logistics the procedure usually incurs. This is usually because of the scammers that are still, unfortunately, part of the trade. These companies that offer poor quality services will often times try to overcharge customers, keep their belongings hostage until they pay their overpriced bills and cause damage to the shipments because of improper packing, handling and transportation. All these can take a toll on the customers and make them think twice before hiring another mover. While long distance Maine moving companies will charge higher prices for out of state moves compared to shorter, local moves relocations, a trustworthy company will keep your expenses to a minimum while providing top-quality services.


When looking for a good cross country moving company, knowing the movers costs in Maine will help you properly compare different movers and make a well-informed decision. Keep in mind, however, that in order for a mover to provide you with the exact cost of your relocation, they will need to first accurately inspect and weigh all the items you need moved, discuss all the basic and any additional packing, shipping and storage services you may need, talk your insurance options through, set up the date of your move and so on. All of these elements will contribute and add to the final bill, so while online MA moving estimates are a good start, you will need to prepare for the respective quotes to slightly differ on-sight.  

An interstate Maine moving cost depends on the following aspects:

  • the mileage between your original address and the new address
  • how much the shipment weighs
  • the costs with the moving labor, different from state to state
  • additional parking, road toll and fuel expenses
  • complete and partial packing costs
  • additional padding, wrapping, custom boxes and other packing supplies that may be needed to fragile items
  • extra furniture disassembly and reassembly services
  • additional unpacking services at the new address for furniture pieces and company equipment
  • the exact date for your relocation
  • insurance coverage from the mover and any additional third-party insurance companies you may be interested in purchasing for more peace of min
  • temporary storage solutions, wither short-term (up to 30 days, usually free) or long-term (6 months or more)

Getting a free Maine interstate moving quote over the phone or online using our forms is the first step toward getting an idea on what to expect once the movers will reach you for the initial meeting.

Maine Moving Company Reviews Online

Mostly known for the rocky coastlines, lush forests and mesmerizing waterways, Maine is also a culinary heaven for lobster and clams’ fans thanks to its remarkable seafood cuisine it is known for. It is located in the North of the Northeastern part of the country and it is 96th least populous state. It is also a unique state thanks to the fact that it borders just one state (New Hampshire in the west).

Portland is the most populous city in Maine, with Augusta as its capital-city. Maine is the biggest producer of low-bush blueberries in the US. Its ports play a crucial role in transportation, as well as the economy of the region. Maine is also known as a good destination for people who enjoy sport hunting such as deer and moose hunting along with skiing, snowmobiling and sport fishing.

List of Top Maine Cities


4South Portland

Our Rating Process

Our editorial staff determined the ratings and rankings on after extensive research. We ranked companies based on an aggregate score in several categories, including move types and distance, insurance and claims processes, other services offered, and ease of contact. User ratings are sourced from internal data, 3rd-party surveys, and independent authoritative sites from across the web. While our rating process is impartial, we generate advertising revenue from the companies featured in our rankings in order to keep our services free.


Should I use a full-service company or do it myself?

Every move is different, so we recommend you compare your options before deciding whether to hire professional movers or do it yourself. Full-service companies are a great option if you’re moving internationally or if you want loading and unloading assistance. If you’re doing it yourself, keep in mind that in addition to loading and unloading your own truck, you will also have to drive to your destination. Portable storage containers are good middle ground for small to medium moves that don’t require additional services such as car transportation, professional packing, or help with loading and unloading. Portable storage also doubles as just regular storage if you need a few weeks or months before you move into your new place.

Do professional moves include packing?

Yes and no. The majority of professional movers will offer to pack your belongings if you wish. Foregoing this service will lower your quote but also add to your own tasks. Furniture disassembly and assembly is different from packing, so find out from your mover of choice if it’s included with your quote.

How Do We Rate Our Movers?

Reputable Mover has a team of experienced moving professionals who compare our top 5 list from multiple websites. We confirm with the Department of Transporation license verification and the Better Business Bureau.

What makes a good interstate moving company?

A Wide Range of Service Options

Our Highest Ranking Long-distance Movers have a lot to offer their customers, but not every moving company provides the same levels of services. When we were researching top long-distance movers, we kept an eye out for a healthy mix of both free and paid services that will help make your move easier. Our Top Rated Mover offers 30 days free storage and also free redelivery. Which most companies use as a hidden charge. We look for binding-not-to-exceed quotes that have no hidden fees (fuel surcharges, binding estimate fees, and outrageous packing charges).

Quality Customer Communication

Excellent customer communication is a must in any top-tier long distance moving company. It affects not only your experience during your moving estimate, but also on moving day. Our Number One Company offers a direct line to your point of contact at Reputable Mover. From Start to Finish you have a personal Liaison assisting you and answering the tough questions as they come up.

We firmly believe that a moving company’s communication can make or break your moving experience, so we place a lot of weight on quality customer service in our rankings.


What are the best movers in Maine?

Cross Country Movers, Reputable Mover, Allied Van Lines, United Van Lines and Mayflower are the top movers in Maine we recommend for residential and commercial moves. We only assess, compare, vet and rate the best long-distance movers in the state. Since not all moving companies can provide the same level and type of services, we believe it is important for people getting ready to move out of state to be able to access the best mix of free and paid services. Our experts rate and list the best Maine movers that provide free 30-day storage, quality packing, loading, furniture and appliance disassembling and reassembling services, doorstep pickup, fragile item packing solutions and more.

Do the best moving companies in Maine charge hidden fees?

We strive to only introduce you to movers that use binding-not-to-exceed price estimates that incur zero hidden fees in the form of additional packing charges, fuel surcharges or fees paid for binding estimates. Expect the most affordable and competitive mover prices in Maine with any of the companies you can find on our site.

Can I get a free moving estimate in Maine?

Whether you are thinking about hiring a mover in Maine for an out of state relocation or you plan on moving here, any of the movers recommended on our platform will provide you with free, zero-obligation moving estimates by phone or in-home. Professional estimators will reach you and assess your exact needs, talk through all available packing and modular furniture disassembling services or temporary storage and let you know what are the exact moving supplies you will need.

Where can I find flat-rate estimates in Maine?

The best movers rated on our site will provide you with email flat-rate price quotes you will be able to review and compare with other estimates. Ask all the necessary questions and make sure you discuss any issues and concerns with the movers, then sign off the estimate online and proceed to book the best moving date. You should not have to worry about making a deposit beforehand or paying any fees and expenses you were not previously informed about.

How can I get in touch with a moving crew in Maine?

Expect a direct communication line via phone or text to be established on the scheduled day of the move. Your personal moving account manager should let you know how to get in touch with the moving experts part of the crew.

What should I know before moving to Maine?

If you are getting ready to move to Maine, you should prepare for an amazing restaurant scene, including lots of food shacks, harsh winters, lots of forests, mesmerizing wildlife and long stretches of ocean. Plus, you will get the chance to turn more environmentally-friendly by going green thanks to the local produce, and lots of antique stores.

How to move long distance in Maine?

Select one of our recommended interstate Maine moving companies and plan the relocation of your precious items to your new home or corporate business address. Get an on-site survey of all the items you need to be moved and select full or partial packing services, packing for fragile belongings or the self-packing alternative, as well as any temporary storage, additional moving boxes and supplies and anything else you may need help with.