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Whether you plan on moving to Texas for its booming job market, warm weather, convenient housing prices, or the more advantageous taxes, kudos. Texas is an excellent state to relocate to, no matter if you are looking for a personal change of scenery or you are interested in transferring your business headquarters here.

Find out why moving to Texas is a good idea in 2021 and how to complete the relocation as smooth, hassle-free, and affordable as possible with a top moving company that will cater to all your needs.

Texas, Home of Good Food and A Flourishing Job Market

The Lone Star State is, without a doubt, one of the best places to live given the amazing gas and oil boom that has occurred there over the past few years and that has turned the state into a genuine juggernaut from an economical point of view. The rather robust job market in Texas has no problem sustaining the continuous growth in population here, given its amazingly powerful healthcare, technology, oil, education, and wind energy industries. If you are also seeking a new job in Texas, you should be happy to learn that the state hosts some domestic or global giants in their fields, ranging from Dell, Shell, Exxon, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, or Texas A&M University.

Texas is also considered one of foodies’ favorite places in the US, since it is a fine mix of dozens of intercultural culinary options. If you are a big fan of Tex-Mex dishes, you love a good chili or a delicious barbecue, or you are all about happy hours and buffets, Texas is the place for you.

The people of Texas are also fairly known for their passion for traveling, so you will have the opportunity to join them in their quests to discover the most spectacular and hard-to-resist food destinations in the country.

The Weather

Texas is a large state, which means that you can expect to come across a variety of different climates and weather conditions. Choose your new home properly, and keep in mind that you could easily end up someplace too humid or too dry for your liking. Opt for a city or an area with moderate weather and steer clear from the extreme weather in places such as the Gulf Coast, Celia, Harvey, or Carla, where tornadoes and hurricanes are a common occurrence. In fact, the state witnesses the largest number of yearly tornadoes than any other US state.

If you enjoy a nice crispy summer just as much as the next person, you should know that Texas summers are usually hot in the mid to upper 90s. As for the winters, expect mid-60s as an average temperature, with an occasional cold front reaching Texas. Get more Texas weather info at Accuweather.

Moving to, Texas: Taxes & Cost of Living

If you are still wondering “why move to Texas?” right now, maybe it would help to know that Texas is one of the 7 US seven states that does not require its residents to pay any income taxes. Plus, the sales taxes are rather decent, with a few excellent tax incentives meant to encourage businesses to grow and thrive. Texas actually encourages Texans to own a business through its low tax policy and relaxed regulations, so if you are also contemplating the thought of starting your own business here once your move to Texas will be completed, you definitely have every reason to give it a go here.

The affordable cost of moving to Texas and living here is another strong argument, with fairly affordable real estate properties that might interest you can convince you to buy and own a place rather than pay rent. In fact, Texans’ spirit, in general, is greatly focused on homeownership, with the average value of a home reaching close to $188,000, which is less than the domestic average in the country.

Things to Consider When Hiring Texas Movers: Where To Move

Before you are ready to call the best long-distance Texas movers and hire their service for your upcoming move to Texas, it would be best to know which are some of the highest recommended cities to move to or raise a family in.

  • With a Pearland population of little over 100,000 and a median price for homes for sale of $185,000, Pearland is considered one of the most secure neighborhoods in Texas. Pearland is actually a suburb of Houston and the official rate of crimes here is much lower compared to the average in the country. Plus, the center of the town hosts a series of decent shopping and dining alternatives, and its proximity to the majority of large job hubs is another obvious advantage of moving here.
  • Harker Heights. This is a smaller town that caters to the needs of families with its gorgeous community parks, hiking trails, lakes, camping, boating, or skating opportunities. Moving to Texas in Harker Heights means joining a small population below 30,000 residents while scoring a house that costs $65,000 on average.
  • For an excellent place for the kids’ education, you could try moving to Frisco. The schools here are in the top 10% of schools in Texas. With a population of close to 140,000, home to the Frisco Heritage Museum, and an average home price of $277,000, the city is at least worth a visit.
  • Little Elm. This is a quickly evolving Dallas suburb known for its active family lifestyle. The 32,000 people here periodically attend the amazing festivals and special local events geld at the 5 community parks here. The median price for a home for sale here reaches $167,000.

Lower Bills and High Traffic

The electricity bills here are also lower than anywhere else in the country thanks to the deregulated market you will discover in Texas. However, the traffic is more intense than anyone would want it to be, so be prepared to spend quite some time in traffic jams on your daily commute to work.

As for the “everything is bigger in Texas” saying, know that it is true, as everything from the portion sizes to the areas of the shopping centers, the houses or the roads is significantly larger than anywhere else. After all, Texas is the second-largest state in the US after Alaska.

Hire the Best Out-of-State Texas Movers

If your mind is made up and you are getting ready to move to Texas, see that you hire a Texas mover with a trustworthy TxDMV license that can cater to all your moving needs with top services that are affordable and delivered on time.

We can help you choose the best Texas mover in town, so give us a call today and let us start working on your dream of moving to the Lone Star State!


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