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Are you contemplating the thought of moving to Houston TX? You aren’t the only one. H-Town is not only one of the most versatile cities to work and live in, but it is also home to the Astrodome, the best rodeo in the US, and the second-largest number of Fortune 500 businesses.

Check out these next few arguments why moving to Houston Texas would be a good idea and find out how to move to Houston with the best Houston TX moving company.

Houston, Home of Aeronautics and Healthcare

The city is known for its impressive manufacturing industry, with special emphasis on aeronautics, but it also happens to have one of the most thriving healthcare industries in the country, along with  flaming hot districts dedicated to arts, theatre, and museums. If you are truly searching for a place where you can land an interesting and well-paid job in one of the many top industries here and live an interesting lifestyle, moving to Houston Texas is the right thing to do.

Moving to Houston, Texas: Rental Prices & Cost of Living

Houston counts more than 2.3 million residents and it is the fourth most populous city in the US, with an average rent running at little over $1,300 a month in 2019. Houston has also been ranked the 55th most expensive American city, making the cost of living here a lot more affordable compared to other big cities.

If you plan on renting a home in a neighborhood like Pasadena, Far North, Southeast, or Bellaire, you can expect to pay some of the most affordable rent prices ranging from $750 to $1,000. Areas like the Greater Heights, Upton, or Westchase will usually cost around $1,100 and $1,500 a month in rent, while you can expect to pay up to $2,250 for a rental in Rice, Montrose, or Downtown.

Just keep in mind that moving to Houston TX also means finding an area with an easy commute to work or school, and plenty of facilities and services within easy reach. When thinking about hiring the best Houston TX moving company to relocate you here from a different Texan city or US state, see that you know exactly which zip code you would like to relocate to and give us a call. We will put you in touch with the most reliable and affordable Houston movers that will successfully relocate your prized possessions in any of the historic wards, dozens of so-called super-neighborhoods, or planned communities here.

Houston TX Commutes to Work

On average, the commute time in Houston is of around 26.4 minutes, which means commuting here will take longer than the regular domestic average. However, you will find a lot of carpooling opportunities here, as the city has been ranked higher than other American cities, with over 11% of all commuters choosing to carpool to work every day.

As for the public transportation in the city, it is ranked as being weak; however, bicycle transiting and commuting through walking are labeled as “fine” here. The closer you are to downtown, the more walkable the areas should be, which means that you will need to own a car if you plan to move in the majority of Houston neighborhoods. Nonetheless, the future is looking bright, with the city council working on solutions in the form of the Walkable Places Committee meant to eventually turn the city into a much more walkable one.

Things to Consider When Hiring Houston Texas Movers

Whether you are planning on moving to Montrose, Spring Branch, or someplace else in Houston, you can expect to pay around $185,000 for a home here, on average. Montrose, for example, is a good place to live in since thanks to its fine location just east of Downtown, its amazing commute and buzzing nightlife. The neighborhood is also excellent for big fans of cultural events who are always on the look for new things to do, making it particularly attractive for young professionals.

On the other hand, Spring Branch will provide you with some of the most generous backyard or front-yard spaces in the city, while enjoying a rather suburban lifestyle with a strong influence on the domestic cultural identities found here among the residents.

Hire a Houston, Texas mover who can tackle your entire relocation from end to beginning, including full packing and unpacking at the new address, any temporary storage needs for some or all of the items that you might have, or sensitive item packing you would not be able to handle on your own. It is important to only put your precious belongings into the hands of people who follow the highest moving industry standards and work with state-of-the-line moving trucks, packing gear and tools, real-time inventory and tracking solutions, and affordable prices for both residential and commercial relocations.

Get in touch with us now whether you are thinking about renting an apartment in Houston or doing a big corporate move for all your employees and we will recommend the best movers in Houston at affordable prices.



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