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Moving to Albuquerque is a good idea for a number of reasons and if you are still on the look for a few extra arguments of your own, you have reached the right page. We are going to share a few of the most interesting reasons why you might want to consider relocating here, as well as a few pointers on how to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Albuquerque, Home Of Hot Air Balloons And Breaking Bad

For starters, did you know that the city is an excellent destination for hot air balloon fans? Imagine how much fun you would have admiring a breathtaking sunset in a sweet hot air balloon ride during the summer here!

Are you a huge Breaking Bad fan? Well, judging by the ratings, you wouldn’t be the only one. But how would you like to live in the city where all the scenes from your favorite TV series have been shot? We are talking about the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in town, one hot point of attraction that draws tons of tourists every year. Why limit yourself to just visiting this place once when you could move here and start a brand new life in Albuquerque?

Another fun fact about the metropolitan area here is the fact that it is the highest elevation in the country and also the place where you will find a rich Native American culture belonging to the southwest.

Albuquerque is also called the “nuclear capital” of the country and if you are keen on to visiting old towns wherever you go, know that the historic old town here was actually founded over three centuries ago, in 1706.

The city also hosts the University of New Mexico, the Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the Sandia Peak Tramway and it is the 32nd most populous city in the country with its 560,000 inhabitants.

Moving To Albuquerque: Rental Prices

The rental price for a one bedroom apartment here is of around $730, which makes the city the second most affordable city in the country according to 2020 data. This is a powerful argument for lots of people to move to Albuquerque, so make sure you keep it in mind if the city is worth relocating in. Albuquerque hosts eleven different neighborhoods and each of them features with unique particularities and rental prices.

Once you have figured out a monthly budget you are willing to set aside for your rent, it is time to go hunting for the ideal neighborhood to move into.

  • If money is tight, you could focus on neighborhoods like Rio Rancho or South Valley.
  • If you are not limited by your rental budget, you could look at a few homes and apartments for rent in the Historic Old Town, the Balloon Fiesta Park, North East Side, or the Corrales.

Albuquerque Commutes To Work

Needless to say, the shorter your commute to work, the less time you will spend back and forth, losing your patience and good vibes in traffic congestions. Pay attention to the way you will get to work once you decide that moving to Albuquerque is a good idea, no matter if you plan on buying a property here or renting a place.

If you drive and you also own a car you plan on having transferred here using open-air or enclosed trailer truck services, you’re in luck. You will find some excellent highways here such as Interstate 40 and Interstate 25, both crossing the city as well as one another right at the center. You will reach El Paso, Colorado, or Santa Fe using I-25 and Texas or Arizona using I-40, and you should get to any of these destinations in no more than two hours.

The status of parking spaces is satisfying in the city, even though it can get a little tricky and labyrinth-like at times because of the random stop signs and tons of one-way streets. However, there are plenty of bus lines that service the people of Albuquerque and they are a quick and sustainable way of going downtown or reaching Central Ave, Old Town, or the Rio Grande. The most important attractions in the city are all located on a half a mile radius from all important bus stops, and all buses run constantly and at affordable rates. You can even take your bike along as the buses feature bike racks for extra convenience. Plus, they are accessible to people suffering from physical handicaps.

Things To Consider When Hiring Albuquerque Movers

Hire a reputable interstate mover who specializes in long distance moves for homes, apartments and businesses, depending on your exact needs. If you would like to have expert moving technicians handle every aspect of the move for you, starting with the planning stages and finishing off with complete packing and unpacking services and furniture and appliance installation at the destination, give us a call at Reputable Mover.

We can put you in touch with the most reliable and affordable Albuquerque moving companies with designated professional drivers and advanced moving equipment and supplies. If your budget is more limited, you could also look into a few moving pod companies and go from there. If you also plan on having your vehicle shipped to Albuquerque, we can also provide you with plenty of top recommendations for the most trustworthy and competitive car shipping services.

Give us a call today and let us make your move to Albuquerque seamless, affordable, and hassle-free!


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