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CCM stands for Cross Country Movers, a long distance moving company with a wide range of moving services at your disposal. CCM brings a new perspective on moving, promising a high-quality service to all customers. Our team of professionals has been adequately trained in tasks such as packing, shipping, loading, storage, and relocation.

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4.85 overall rating

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Reputable Mover

Reputable Mover is a company providing moving services at the highest level. Call our customer service department anytime between 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and we can help you with any of your moving needs. Our company makes it a point to align you with the best agents in the world so that you can have the greatest moving experience possible. So if your planning on moving out or moving in the future call us today so we can help you get there.

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4.85 overall rating

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Since 1928 Allied Van Lines has been helping families move nationwide. We offer long distance moving services nationwide. State to state moving, storage options are available as well as specialty packing/crating. We offer weight based estimates to help calculate your move. Call Now For a Free Quote.

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4.85 overall rating

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United Van Lines is America's #1 mover. It's a position we take great pride in because it came about by truly serving our customers like no other van line in the industry. It's a position that we maintain because we know our

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4.85 overall rating

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mayflower moving company

"Mayflower provides you with the tools you need for a successful move. You can stay organized and in control during your move with our personalized MyMayflower interactive move planner.

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4.85 overall rating

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Best Cross Country Moving Companies in Georgia

Getting ready for a state to state company, home or corporate move in Georgia? Worried you will not be able to handle the packing and all the logistics on your own? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Reputable Mover specializes in reviews and rankings for cross country GA moving companies that will make any relocation as hassle-free and cheap as possible. Sleep better at night knowing your items will be properly packed, transferred and insured with one of the top Georgia vanlines we recommend.

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Georgia Long Distance Movers Reviews

If you are looking for a reputable interstate Georgia moving company that can take the stress out of your relocation plans, you’ve reached the right page. The Reputable Mover team is an expert in top Georgia mover reviews, assessments, comparisons and up-to-date rankings. We can assist you in selecting the best movers for your exact home, company or corporate move needs, be it state to state  or across the country, thousands of miles away. We have rich experience in the field and we can direct you toward the most competent, experienced, affordable and skilled mover that can handle anything from complete or partial packing solutions, cargo disassembly and assembly at the destination for corporate clients and residential customers alike and more. No matter if you are looking for a Georgia cross country mover to help you disassemble the furniture and electronic equipment from dozens of offices for your corporate business or the wooden furniture and bulky electronic appliances in your 6-bedroom house, temporary storage solutions for more than six months or any other special requests, the movers we recommend can cater to your every need. We know price is of the essence when choosing one van line or the other. This is why we strive to do our best and only recommend the most affordable companies that offer cheap Georgia out of state moving services of top quality.

Our GA moving company reviews are fresh, unbiased and cover the most important aspects of a mover: services, prices, estimates, any special mentions you should know about the van line, their brief history and more. We rely on updated consumer reports and client reviews when compiling our list of top-tier Georgia moving companies. Get in touch with us or use our online form to ask for a free estimate for your next home or corporate move and start comparing the most affordable prices in the industry.

Trust a Georgia van line that has been in the industry for many years and has successfully catered to the needs of thousands of customers to keep unfortunate occurrences at bay. No matter if you need to move your most fragile items such as musical instruments, fine Chinaware, any bulky furniture pieces and expensive chandeliers or mirrors around the store, home or office space, any of the companies we recommend can assist you at affordable prices.

Check out our list of Georgia cities we cover and make your pick. We guarantee your satisfaction with any of the movers listed on this page. Know that all the GA vanlines our technicians recommend and list on this site comply with the highest industry standards, they have valid DOT numbers and they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is an official requirement for all movers that handle state to state relocation.

How Much Does a Mover Cost in Georgia?

The cost of a cross country moving company in GA depends on a series of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Since there is no fixed price you can find online for your exact relocation needs, you can rely on a free, no-obligation cost estimate that should cover most of the costs and any additional fees you may need to pay to the movers. We specialize in free, expert and transparent price estimates that incur no obligations to the customer. Get several quotes from different movers so you can make sure you will benefit from the best services you can afford. Get in touch with us and let us give you the estimates you need on the spot.

The cost of a moving company in Georgia depends on several factors, with the weight of the shipment and the distance between the original pickup point and the final destination contributing to most of the cost. Generally speaking, an average cross country move from Georgia to a different state will usually cost approximately $4,900 for a cargo weighing around 7,400 pounds and a transfer distance of miles. This includes several moving services. Keep in mind these prices will slightly differ from one mover to another, so make sure to get your GA long distance moving quotes and compare a few rates around.

An out of state Georgia move price will depend on the following:

  • the weight of the freight
  • the distance between point A (old address) to point B (new address)
  • all the labor costs, including any special requests
  • additional fuel charges, parking fees and road tolls
  • full or partial packing costs
  • any discounts offered by the mover
  • the cost of the packing supplies
  • extra furniture or office equipment disassembling and reassembling services and furniture placement at the new address
  • the date of the move
  • valuation coverage for full or released value
  • extra insurance from third-party insurers
  • temporary storage solutions

Compare a few long distance Georgia mover prices, make sure they cover the exact services you are looking for and see if you can get any discounts, especially if you are planning a big and complex move. Ask for a free, zero-obligation price estimate today and do not rush to decide upon hiring the first mover that crosses your path. You deserve the best services your money can buy and our Georgia interstate moving companies reviews should help you find the best alternatives.

Georgia Movers Reviews Online

With an impressive landscape and flora diversity, located in the South-East of the US, Georgia is the eight biggest state in terms of population thanks to its 10.6 million citizens. The state’s capital is Atlanta. The city is also a Beta plus rated city, with its metropolitan area counting close to 6 million inhabitants in 2018. Georgia was originally a British colony and it dates back to 1733, being one of the last Thirteen Colonies to be formed in the country. The colony wears the name of King George II of Great Britain and starting 1945, the state witnessed an impressive growth in population as a result of the Sun belt phenomenon.

Choose a trustworthy Georgia out of state mover to relocate your valuables prized anywhere within the United States and get a free right now. Give us a call right now or choose your favorite Georgia city using the list below and pick a top mover.

List of Top Georgia Cities




8.Sandy Springs
10.Johns Creek
11.Warner Robins

Our Rating Process

Our editorial staff determined the ratings and rankings on after extensive research. We ranked companies based on an aggregate score in several categories, including move types and distance, insurance and claims processes, other services offered, and ease of contact. User ratings are sourced from internal data, 3rd-party surveys, and independent authoritative sites from across the web. While our rating process is impartial, we generate advertising revenue from the companies featured in our rankings in order to keep our services free.


Should I use a full-service company or do it myself?

Every move is different, so we recommend you compare your options before deciding whether to hire professional movers or do it yourself. Full-service companies are a great option if you’re moving internationally or if you want loading and unloading assistance. If you’re doing it yourself, keep in mind that in addition to loading and unloading your own truck, you will also have to drive to your destination. Portable storage containers are good middle ground for small to medium moves that don’t require additional services such as car transportation, professional packing, or help with loading and unloading. Portable storage also doubles as just regular storage if you need a few weeks or months before you move into your new place.

Do professional moves include packing?

Yes and no. The majority of professional movers will offer to pack your belongings if you wish. Foregoing this service will lower your quote but also add to your own tasks. Furniture disassembly and assembly is different from packing, so find out from your mover of choice if it’s included with your quote.

How Do We Rate Our Movers?

Reputable Mover has a team of experienced moving professionals who compare our top 5 list from multiple websites. We confirm with the Department of Transporation license verification and the Better Business Bureau.

What makes a good interstate moving company?

A Wide Range of Service Options

Our Highest Ranking Long-distance Movers have a lot to offer their customers, but not every moving company provides the same levels of services. When we were researching top long-distance movers, we kept an eye out for a healthy mix of both free and paid services that will help make your move easier. Our Top Rated Mover offers 30 days free storage and also free redelivery. Which most companies use as a hidden charge. We look for binding-not-to-exceed quotes that have no hidden fees (fuel surcharges, binding estimate fees, and outrageous packing charges).

Quality Customer Communication

Excellent customer communication is a must in any top-tier long distance moving company. It affects not only your experience during your moving estimate, but also on moving day. Our Number One Company offers a direct line to your point of contact at Reputable Mover. From Start to Finish you have a personal Liaison assisting you and answering the tough questions as they come up.

We firmly believe that a moving company’s communication can make or break your moving experience, so we place a lot of weight on quality customer service in our rankings.