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Are you looking for a timely, reliable and affordable mover? Whether you are getting ready for a quick residential move just across state lines or you need to travel across several states for a complete corporate move for dozens of employees, a top-tier long distance moving company will make all the difference.

long distance moving companies


Planning to relocate to a different state or switch cities for your office or corporate business location does not have to give you a headache or force you to break the bank

long distance moving companies


In theory, a local move (intrastate) might be slightly less stressful than a long distance move or an international relocation. 

long distance moving companies


Reputable Mover knows a long-distance corporate move does not only mean moving the furniture and supplies from your employees’ offices to a brand new address across the state.

long distance moving companies


Having been in the moving industry for several years, Reputable Mover fully grasps the concept of relocating a business. 

long distance moving companies


There is nothing more frightening than picturing all of your precious items being severely damaged in transit, on their way to your new home or commercial space.

long distance moving companies


Do you need a hand at packing all the items inside your home and getting them ready for a long, interstate move for your corporate or personal needs?

long distance moving companies


Getting ready for your heavily planned cross-state corporate move? Looking for some assistance with your last minute interstate residential relocation plans?

long distance moving companies


If you are currently getting ready to relocate for personal or professional reasons, you may consider taking your car along with you

Maryland Interstate Movers Reviews

A top-tier interstate mover with pristine reputation in the industry is essential for a successful move. Hiring a company with thousands of positive customer reviews, a small or inexistent number of unresolved BBB complaints and loads of perks, special services and affordable rates will guarantee a job well done every time. Having to carry your personal prized possessions out of state or moving your employees to a different part of the country requires a different type of planning.

We are your go-to experts in reviewing and rating the best long distance moving Maryland companies that can perfectly cater to your every relocation need, no matter how simple or complex. Whether you are looking for quick partial packing solutions for a last minute move or you need the full packing, loading/unloading, unpacking and appliance and furniture installation package, we can tell you who are the best people for the job. Expect the best packing supplies, temporary storage services for free or highly affordable rates, insurance alternatives for every pocket and top custom relocation services, on top of excellent Maryland moving price discounts.

Get a free, zero-obligation Maryland move quote today and start planning your upcoming move ahead of time, for best results. With a pristine reputation in writing the most reliable and comprehensive mover company reviews, our team of experts should best guide you in your moving endeavor. Here is the type of information that all our Maryland mover reviews are based on:

  • resolved and unresolved Better Business Bureau complaints, resolutions, reviews and company data
  • reviewing of customer support services, speed of access, level of skill and helpfulness
  • analysis of reviews found on specialized platforms
  • the type of moving services the company has to offer, ranging from any unique services, furniture disassembling and electronic or office appliance installation
  • car, motorboat and motorcycle moving services
  • the availability of personal account managers
  • special discounts for retired people, army veterans, students and other categories of clients
  • holiday promotions
  • the availability of comprehensive moving checklists that can be printed out and used by first-time movers
  • the existence of professional moving and packing supplies
  • storage units with controlled humidity and temperature
  • the price range you can expect to pay for mile or moving job
  • how to obtain free price quotes
  • the experience and history of the moving company
  • any special industry awards and accreditations

For a stress-free Maryland interstate move, we strongly recommend you to only work with the most reliable and experienced moving professionals that will steer you clear from any extra hassle and potential damage or delays. Have your next move thoroughly planned and flawlessly executed by absolute experts start to finish and you will not regret it. We warmly advise you to only work with long distance moving Maryland companies that accurately comply with all the industry standards that have a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration membership. All the movers we recommend carry a valid DOT number, which is mandatory for movers that need to cross over state lines.

Maryland Movers Costs

Maryland 1Since no two moves are identical, as they involve different types of cargo, different weights and distances, packing needs and special requests, you will not be able to find any fixed Maryland moving prices and rates online. However, you can get an idea on what you should expect to pay using the free price estimates you can request by phone, online or via email. A talk to one of the friendly and skilled representatives of a reputable moving company should make things a lot clearer for you.

Provide the mover with as many details concerning your upcoming residential, commercial or corporate move as you possibly can and expect the most realistic, comprehensive and transparent moving quotes from them. The type, size or volume of the freight you will need relocated out of state or the way you will personally approximate these measurements will make a big difference in the type of estimate you will receive. The best Maryland movers will send over their own moving technicians who will personally weigh and measure your cargo to issue even more detailed and accurate price estimates.

Cross country MD moving companies use the following details to determine Maryland moving costs for all types of clients and relocation needs:

  • cargo length, volume and weight
  • the exact or approximate moving dates, if flexible
  • moving mileage
  • all labor costs, including additional labor costs with additional wrapping supplies, padding, furniture and office supply/electronics disassembling and reassembling, full or partial packing and unpacking services, installation of electronic appliances and furniture and more
  • parking, gas, toll and road fees and costs
  • third-party insurance and coverage of valuation
  • the use of temporary storage units for /- + 30 days

Get your free MD mover quote today and let the pros start working on your next relocation for a smooth and problem-free process.

Maryland Movers Reviews Online

Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic area of the southeastern part of the US and it is neighbored by West Virginia, Columbia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and it makes for a great place to be moving to. Whether you are planning a move from Baltimore, Annapolis or from anywhere else in the Free State, or you wish to move here, hire a reputable mover that will ensure your precious cargo will reach its destination right on time and as scheduled.

List of Top Maryland Cities

  1. Baltimore
  2. Columbia
  3. Germantown
  4. Silver Spring
  5. Frederick
  6. Waldorf
  7. Glen Burnie
  8. Gaithersburg
  9. Rockville
  10. Ellicott City

About Maryland

Maryland (US: (listen) MERR-il-ənd) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It shares borders with Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia to its south and west; Pennsylvania to its north; and Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean to its east. Baltimore is the largest city in the state, and the capital is Annapolis. Among its occasional nicknames are Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State. It is named after the English Queen Henrietta Maria, known in England as Queen Mary, who was the French wife of King Charles I.Before its coastline was explored by Europeans in the 16th century, Maryland was inhabited by several groups of Native Americans – mostly by the Algonquin, and, to a lesser degree, by the Iroquois and Siouian. As one of the original Thirteen Colonies of England, Maryland was founded by George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, a Catholic convert who sought to provide a religious haven for Catholics persecuted in England. In 1632, Charles I of England granted Lord Baltimore a colonial charter, naming the colony after his wife, Queen Mary (Henrietta Maria of France). Unlike the Pilgrims and Puritans, who rejected Catholicism in their settlements, Lord Baltimore envisioned a colony where people of different religious sects would coexist under the principle of toleration. Accordingly, in 1649 the Maryland General Assembly passed an Act Concerning Religion, which enshrined this principle by penalizing anyone who “reproached” a fellow Marylander based on religious affiliation. Nevertheless, religious strife was common in the early years, and Catholics remained a minority, albeit in greater numbers than in any other English colony.


What makes a good interstate moving company?

A Wide Range of Service Options

Our Highest Ranking Long-distance Movers have a lot to offer their customers, but not every moving company provides the same levels of services. When we were researching top long-distance movers, we kept an eye out for a healthy mix of both free and paid services that will help make your move easier. Our Top Rated Mover offers 30 days free storage and also free redelivery. Which most companies use as a hidden charge. We look for binding-not-to-exceed quotes that have no hidden fees (fuel surcharges, binding estimate fees, and outrageous packing charges).

Quality Customer Communication

Excellent customer communication is a must in any top-tier long distance moving company. It affects not only your experience during your moving estimate, but also on moving day. Our Number One Company offers a direct line to your point of contact at Reputable Mover. From Start to Finish you have a personal Liaison assisting you and answering the tough questions as they come up.

We firmly believe that a moving company’s communication can make or break your moving experience, so we place a lot of weight on quality customer service in our rankings.


A move across the state incurs a number of complex tasks that need to be completed on time. With the help of the top Maryland movers that we have carefully reviewed and which we currently recommend to you, we guarantee your long distance relocation will be smoother than you could imagine. Whether you need residential long distance movers or specialized corporate movers, we have got you covered.
Maryland 2

We only list highly trustworthy interstate moving Maryland companies that have proven their worth over the years. The Reputable Mover team has compared, researched and vetted these companies for you, so all you need to do is pick up your phone and dial their customer support numbers to schedule your upcoming move.


Should I use a full-service company or do it myself?

Every move is different, so we recommend you compare your options before deciding whether to hire professional movers or do it yourself. Full-service companies are a great option if you’re moving internationally or if you want loading and unloading assistance. If you’re doing it yourself, keep in mind that in addition to loading and unloading your own truck, you will also have to drive to your destination. Portable storage containers are good middle ground for small to medium moves that don’t require additional services such as car transportation, professional packing, or help with loading and unloading. Portable storage also doubles as just regular storage if you need a few weeks or months before you move into your new place.

Do professional moves include packing?

Yes and no. The majority of professional movers will offer to pack your belongings if you wish. Foregoing this service will lower your quote but also add to your own tasks. Furniture disassembly and assembly is different from packing, so find out from your mover of choice if it’s included with your quote.

How Do We Rate Our Movers?

Our expert movers rate and rank all and MD long distance movers following extensive research and a number of specialized aggregate scoring regarding the distance covered by the movers, the type of services they provide, their availability during weekends and national holidays, their openness to perform corporate moves or the professionalism of their customer support team.

Our technicians comply the most unbiased and impartial ratings and reviews possible. Please keep in mind we do generate part of our revenue from the movers that you will find on our platform, for service fee purposes.