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How are weight based quotes calculated on a long distance move?

Weight based moves are calculated by a mover coming to your home prior to the move starts with a weight ticket of their empty truck. This is taken at a “dot certified” weight scale. After all your items are loaded onto the truck, it is then taken back to a weight scale and weighed again. The client is then responsible for the balance of the two tickets. (The difference between the empty truck and the truck with the items on it).

What is a long carry?

A long carry is a charge added by movers which signifies that the distance between where the truck is parked and the entrance point of the home is BEYOND 75 feet. Charges for this service range dramatically in pricing and is a question that should be directly asked to whichever mover you chose.

Why do movers charge for elevators? Doesn’t that make the job easier?

Common misconception. When an elevator is charged on your order (usually $75) that money goes to the movers directly for having the job take longer then it needs to. Movers are restricted with how much they can fit into the home at once when using a small or even a cargo elevator. Also someone needs to be down with the truck at all times to make sure the items are protected while the other two movers are upstairs regardless on the size of the job. Whereas on smaller first floor job or small house moves; you can use two men for labor.

Is it true only in home estimates are binding?

Not at all. In fact, any estimate that is calculated by weight is always considered “non binding” regardless of an in home or not. That is due to the fact that if additional items are added or services are rendered on move day; the additional charges are added accordingly.

How much should I tip my movers?

That is a question I am always uncomfortable answering but I just say what I have always done. In my moves, I have given the foreman (the head guy $50 per day of work, and the helpers each $30 per day of work). I also make sure to have food and drinks for them to start and finish everything with enough energy.

Can I insure boxes that I pack myself?

Never ever no way no how. If you want to insure it; do not go near it. Let the movers handle it all.

What does “full professional packing” entail?

For professional packing Entails professional movers coming into your home, taking the items out of the cabinets and closets, and packing them on your behalf. This also includes but is not limited to : mattress covers, stretch wrapping of fabric furniture, and protecting any and all glass front cabinets such as curio, tv, and China cabinets. Clothing is packed either in wardrobes (local) or folded in med/lg boxes(long distance) (this is explained in a question below about wardrobes)

How do I ship my motorcycle?

With most movers, a motorcycle can be shipped very easily using a tool called “brace bars.” These are placed on the trucks “e-track” system and locks in on both points to secure the bikes not unstable during transit.

Can the mover take my plants?

No. The department of agriculture prevents household goods movers from taking any living plants on our trucks.


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