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With close to nine decades of experience in the moving industry and counting, over 500 skilled field agents dispersed all across the United States, the WorldTrac® satellites that enable real-time driver communication, international coverage, packing and unpacking solutions and affordable rates, North American Van Lines is one of the most competitive movers in the country. If you are looking for an industry leader that can take your prized possessions to your new interstate or overseas destination on time, as scheduled and hassle-free, North America Vanlines is one of your best bets.


All North American Van Lines reviews will tell you that the company has been established in 1933 when twelve moving agents decided to set it up. Five years later, the company expanded its number of agents ten times, and it continued to grow ever since, turning into one of the largest movers in the United States. Originally established in Cleveland, Ohio, North American Vanlines or NAVL moved its headquarters to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1947. Five years later, it started working overseas, as it added the International Transportation Service branch to its basic moving services.

A few years later, the company decided to buy Creston Transfer and it started to relocate fixtures, furniture items and various other types of household goods across the country.

Later on, the newly founded company’s Exhibit and Display Division began to relocate expensive electronics used in defense installation, offering its services to giant companies like IBM or General Electric.

In 1966, the company set the grounds for Transtar Services, a new subsidiary located in Brentwood. During the summer of the same year, Spedco, which was a subsidiary of the famous PepsiCo Inc offered to buy North American Van Lines for $22 million in the form of PepsiCo stocks. Three years later, NAVL was purchased by PepsiCo. Following similar expansions in the following years, the company culminated with Clayton, Dubilier & Rice purchasing NAVL in 1198 for over $200 million. The same company also bought Allied Van Lines and decided to merge the two giant movers under the same umbrella, called Allied worldwide. Each of the two movers kept its profile names, even though the combined power of the two was valued at US$450 million, with Allied Worldwide turning into the biggest moving and van line logistics company in the world.

North American Van Lines mover also started offering its services in South America and on the European continent in 2000. in 2004, more than forty NAVL agents reunited under the Specialized Transportation Agent Group Inc. purchased the High Value Products Division from SIRVA.

The company has branded vans and trucks that are easily distinguishable, as they are painted in white and clear blue hues, featuring red and blue circles on a white area, and a white arrow that crosses the circles. The company spells its name “northAmerican” on its trucks.


This NorthAmerican Van Lines review will now briefly discuss the most important services that the company has to offer.


The company provides the full array of long distance moving services for residential and corporate clients. With more than 500 available agents ready to tackle any small or complex moving job, the company can cater to your exact needs with professionalism and care.

Complete Packing Options

Whether you are planning on doing your own packing and you only need help with the heaviest or bulkiest items, you need partial and full packing solutions, their state-to-state and international movers are ready to provide you with the following:

  • full packing services that will handle all your packing needs for corporate or residential items
  • self-packing solutions: northAmerican provides excellent packing tips and advice concerning anything from setting up your moving boxes to getting the necessary packing materials and the rest of the packing supplies.
  • fragile item packing services: rely on their fragile item packing expertise and enjoy their custom plans for the exact musical instruments, decorating items, chandeliers, fine chinaware or antique items.

NorthAmerican Vanlines mover can provide you with specialized moving boxes for a variety of needs, including mirrors, wardrobes, mattresses, glass tabletops, dishware boxes with built-in dividers, stretch wrappers for enhanced furniture protection, 1.5 to 6 cubic feet standard boxes and more.

Loading and Unloading Solutions

Expect top packing solutions from this experienced mover, including heavy lifting for your complete furniture or office sets, corporate equipment and pianos. These movers handle bed, swing set or dining room disassembly and reassembly services, as well as carpet covers against dirt, protective pads for doors floors, walls and railings, box inventory, box labelling, loading and unloading at the new address, in the exact home or office rooms you need furnished. NorthAmerican also handles box unpacking and empty box and moving supply removal at the end of the unpacking.

Car shipping services

The mover handles car, boat and other vehicle shipping solutions for vintage automobiles, SUVs, new cars that need to be relocated to their dealerships, motorboats, vans, motorcycles and anything else you might need help with.

Temporary Moving Storage

A skilled and friendly Relocation Specialist will let you know what are your exact options in terms of temporary storage for the items you cannot relocate along with the rest of your stuff. Expect climate-controlled storage facilities at affordable rates.

Appliance installation and assembling solutions

If you need your residential or commercial appliances installed at your new address, you are looking for advanced furniture assembling solutions or you have an entire hot tub that requires fast assembly, the northAmerican Van Lines company can assist you with all these matters.

Cleaning services

The mover can also provide you with additional cleaning solutions that will help you make your relocation faster and smoother.


NorthAmerican offers written price estimates once they will receive the necessary information on your custom moving needs. Clients can choose bottom line pricing with the total charges represented by their mover’s guaranteed price, using the moving estimate, not-to-exceed price option with the final costs being lower than the original quote, or a fully customized pricing solution, which is a mix of guaranteed prices and individual service costs.

North American Vanlines Ratings

The North American Van Lines movers is a reputable interstate mover registered with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The company is authorized to carry goods within US states, as well as between different states and to Canada. The company has MC 107012 U.S. DOT No.070851.


North American Van Lines offers unparalleled services, almost 90 years of experience and the full range of moving solutions, know-how and resources needed for flawless local, interstate and international moves.

Get a free quote online today and let the pros at North American Vanlines start working on your upcoming move for you!

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