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CCM stands for Cross Country Movers, a long distance moving company with a wide range of moving services at your disposal. CCM brings a new perspective on moving, promising a high-quality service to all customers. Our team of professionals has been adequately trained in tasks such as packing, shipping, loading, storage, and relocation.

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With a decade-old experience under their belts, Cross Country Movers can relocate you across the state with zero hassle and at good rates. Their moving agents are highly trained and their hands-on expertize allows them to handle any relocation with high precision and zero problems. They are a family-owned business that is based in Philadelphia with an impressive number of professional moving services perfectly tailored to fit your exact custom needs. They handle everything from cargo packing and unpacking, furniture disassembling, small moves and temporary storage.


The company specializes in the entire array of relocation services, including:


Local Moves

If you need to move from one address to another in Philadelphia, CCM can assist you with your exact moves, no matter how simple or complex they might be. The company has an expert team of packing technicians who will safely wrap any item for you using the greatest care and consideration and make sure they will reach your new place unharmed.

Long Distance Moves

They handle moves across the state borders or several states across the country and they can plan the move with you, help you pack everything or just some of your items such as bulky furniture and complete a smooth and safe transfer to your new location.

Commercial Moves

CCM has the right crew needed to move an entire office or corporate building. They provide extended hours Monday-Friday and Saturday hours so they will make sure not to interfere with the natural course of your work related activities during the relocation.

Special Moves

If you own extremely vulnerable and fragile items that require extra attention during a move, the Cross Country Mover company offers special moving services that cover anything from pianos to mirrors, swing sets, precious artwork, antiques and more.

Small Moves

No matter if you need to relocate from your small studio apartment or two-bedroom house, this mover will treat your relocation as a big, complex one. The mover emphasizes their desire to protect all items with high levels of care, like they were their own.

Packing Services

CCM offers full or partial packing services for residential and commercial needs at affordable prices and high levels of efficiency.

Storage Solutions

Cross Country Movers owns a storage warehouse of 25,000 square feet, enough to accommodate all your items for as long as you need them to.


To determine the Cross Country vanlines costs for your exact move, fill in their form online and provide them with the necessary data and they will automatically generate a free estimate for you. The quote will be an approximate one that will give you an idea on what to expect. However, due to unpredictable circumstances, the costs are likely to change. For a more precise estimate, you can get in touch with one of their representatives and ask for a free quote after a thorough in-home moving estimate.

Cross Country Moving Company Ratings

Cross Country Movers operates under US DOT 2138595 and MC-744411.



Our Reviews

Great experience

We moved to LA few weeks ago and we wanted to thank Cross country movers team for a stress free move. Daniel and his crew arrived as requested, they worked fast and efficient and were very careful with all our furniture. They were professional, kind and courteous… Great experience! Very reasonable price, Thank you.



They did a great job!

These movers showed up exactly on time for a quote, were prompt in replying to emails and questions, and came in under the estimated price in the end. They showed up exactly on time on moving day, their movers worked their butts off, they were careful and loaded the truck expertly, and unloaded all the items exactly where I wanted them. They even disassembled and reassembled my furniture and large pieces expertly and placed enormous amounts of storage bins in our attic. They far exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier! I would recommend these guys without reservation.



The move went smoothly!

I used Cross country movers for my 2 bed room apartment move and they delivered exactly what I was looking for. Movers gave their 100% and they were able to provide me the best possible service. They completed the move within the allotted time and quoted price plus they made sure that all my belongings reached the destination without being damaged or broken. It was a real professional and smooth move. I recommend Cross country movers to all.



Great Service

Time is money so if you’re moving check out this guys. Their prices are competitive, service is prompt and every one I met knew their job. As they say time is money and they didn’t waste their time or my money. They finished the move within the estimated time. At no time at all, the move was complete, and my new apartment was organized.



Truly Great Company

I am happy with all your hard work and fantastic help Cross country movers team provided for my move not too long ago. All my stuff arrived on time as scheduled, nothing was missing and damaged, thank you so much! Cross country movers are truly great company!



Super Professional


Cross country movers just moved me yesterday afternoon in the pouring rain. Jose and the guys who came were super professional and wrapped my items very well. I mainly dealt with the sales rep Mike, but everyone in the office was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. Despite the fact that the movers helped us in difficult weather conditions, they never complained and had a smile on their face. Thank you Cross country movers for making my move easy.



Very Flexible and Helpful


Number 1 – came on time (early actually) and did exactly what you said you would for exactly the quoted price. Number 2 – I can’t believe how well they wrapped everything. Nothing was broken and nothing was scratched. Number 3 – Guys were super polite and pleasant to work with. Number 4 – You arrived in Denver the first day of the promised time. Number 5 – We had a family emergency along the way and my sister in law had to meet the movers in Denver. So the bank check was in the broken down car in Indianapolis. The office was wonderful in handling a change from check to credit card (and my sister in law had the cast tip) so you guys were very flexible and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about politeness and how well you handled everything. 



Friendly, Pleasant, and Professional

Everyone from Cross country movers and Dani at the office coordinated the move were extremely friendly, pleasant, and professional. Todd the Forman and his helpers were very polite and professional. They loaded my items very carefully and fast. On delivery day my shipment arrived on time and in a good condition. The movers helped me to organize my furniture with no extra charge. The move was completed without a glitch. I would recommend Cross country movers and use them on my next move.



Great Mover


I contacted Cross country movers and the team for a third time to move some lingering stuff we had that needed to be addressed. As usual, they were prompt, courteous, and careful. Mike was very responsive, accommodative and informative and Jose with his helpers was excellent in moving and packing. I’ve recommended them to my friends and can say their consistently great.



Very Pleased with the Service


We are very pleased with the service received; David was helpful and attentive at quotation stage and in the period before moving date and time could be finalized. The moving crew showed up only 15 minute late at the moving day and kept apologizing for the delay because of the traffic jam. The moving crew worked quickly and with due care. They were professional and polite throughout and showed patience when it was needed! They remained cheerful and good humored. They made a stressful day much easier and I can’t praise them highly enough. Thanks to Cross country movers!



They have my support

I do not like to move around, it seems a nightmare trying to pack everything by myself. That’s why I was desperate to find a company that not only transported my things, but also help me pack them. The nightmare ended when I found Cross country movers, I had never seen a moving company transforming a move so difficult to something so easy. Efficacy and care were their priorities. All my furniture and electrical appliances were packaged with great care. They took time to wrap everything in bubble wrap, and nothing suffered a scratch because of the quality of the boxes that they used. When unpacking, they made sure that everything was in its right place. Cross country movers you have my sure shot support.



Highly Recommend Them

I used Cross country movers couple of months ago. The boys came few minutes early. From the moment they got entered into our room, they only stopped working when the loading was done onto the clean and large van. I was a bit concern about the move of furniture and antique. The guys got the packing as well as loading job done in around six hours. They used special packing for antiques so that those wouldn’t break on ride. I appreciated for their extra care of my valuables. I would highly recommend them and would not think twice to hire them.



Price was good

Cross country movers did my move to Boston from Bronx, an area that a lot of movers didn’t even go to during this weather. They gave me a guaranteed price and they made sure to include everything in the price so I would have no surprises. Everybody was very nice and quick to help my move was easy and the price was good. So, I recommend Cross country movers to everybody.



Very Good Move

I am single and really have no family to help me and I had to move to KY just recently. I am happy to report that I decided to go with the right company and I had a very good move, the movers treated my household goods as if they were their own. I am so surprised with how much respect they had for me, seeing as how I was all alone and wouldn’t be able to fend for myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better move, even if it was just my one bedroom apartment….. I will be telling my new friends all about Cross country movers.



Absolutely great movers

I chose Cross country movers and worked with Daniel, Edwin and Victor. These guys were great and they did an outstanding job. On the moving day, they arrived on time, wrapped my things quickly and safely and moved me to my new place. I was so excited. I knew I hired professionals and I was not worried at all. I was happy I worked with these people, because firstly, my furniture was intact and secondly I did not pay a lot. Excellent choice! I would like to recommend Cross country movers! Absolutely great movers!



They did a great job!

Cross country movers did a great job while moving my belongings from FL to NY . It was a team effort and the effort was great. Their dispatcher explained and informed me about my every single requirement. They were assigned to do all the tasks starting from packing to the final set up. And their competence on doing all the works was way beyond comparison. Very planned relocation was mapped by them. That is why no shake was found anywhere. No broken or lost item. In fact their suggestion for the furniture decoration in my new house was useful. Keep it up Cross country movers.



Professional movers

It was not easy for me to leave NY but for the sake of the job I had to relocate. I hired Cross country movers because my friend recommended their name. I called for a quote and talked with Joe. He sent a guy to my house for the estimate which was very precise and detailed. My move was scheduled after 2 days and the crew showed up on time. They packed the entire house and loaded with ease. It was good to see notice that they were very careful with the fragile and delicate stuff. However, they made the delivery quicker than we thought and made sure the safety of the valuables. I am really glad that I used Cross country movers.



Easy and Affordable

My brother suggested me this company when I had to relocate from Bronx, NY to Miami, FL. I have to say, they are very good at their job. The quote was quite considerate and their men were all very well trained. They packed and loaded my things on their vans and we were off. I am very thankful to Cross country movers for making my move so easy and affordable.



Very pleased with the experience

Just wanted to share my experience about the move, Cross country movers have done for us last weekend. I have moved 3 times in the past 5 years and this was the smoothest move so far. My movers arrived exactly at 8 am as agreed, packed all our furniture and moved everything without a single scratch and most importantly, my antique collections got to the new place without any breakage! We are very pleased with the overall experience and have already referred Cross country movers to my friends.



I will definitely hire Cross country movers again.

When I called Cross country movers to move my stuffs from Bronx, NY to Minneapolis, MN, I asked for them to send Dani and his team. I know Dani because he has moved us before but back then he was working for another company. Cross country movers kept my request and sent over Dani. I always thought John was a capable foreman but being with this company has really improved his performance. His team was even more efficient than the last time. They were very creatively packing everything and easily carrying them out to the vans. Jose told me that the reason he moved to Cross country movers was because how potent this company is. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I will definitely hire Cross country movers again.



Recommend them

I am not saying that moving is an easy experience, but everyone at Cross country movers made it as painless as they possibly could. I used the packing service also and from the moment they arrived to do the packing in the previous day, they were very effective, efficient and dedicated to their job and they finished the packing in a lot less time than I thought they would. Loading was also done in a systematic way and everything from beginning to end went without a hitch. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.



Superb packing and moving services

Bronx, NY to Richmond, VA was my destination and I was moving with a BIG family and so many things. So, I needed the best in business. After talking with more than 15 companies, I finally decided on Cross country movers. I am happy with my decision. They have made my money count. Superb packing and moving services and lightning fast speed made the moving days quite easy for us and the price that I paid to them was more than just reasonable. No broken stuffs, nothing was missing or damaged. Thanks a ton guys for the great moving services.



They were more than perfect


I didn’t know that my wife didn’t fix a mover. She thought it was me who will do that and I thought vice versa. Almost at the very keen time of the moving date it suddenly became the most burning issue and it should have been. At that super rush we met Cross country movers. They didn’t disappoint us. They got the vibe if our emergency and took immediate action. They offered us a package which we happily accepted. I was still worried till the date of moving. Finally the day came and that was an awesome day. They came and did. Seriously that is enough to conclude everything. They were more than perfect in everything. Nothing wrong, nothing got dented. Literally nothing!!!



Very Impressed

It was a dream to live in Miami. It finally came true. I hired Cross country movers to move my stuffs from New York City to Miami. They did such a fantastic job. They arrived on time and were ready to get to work. I was very impressed seeing how efficient these men were. They must have saved me at least 2 hours of extra pay. Their packing was immaculate and they carried big pieces of furniture with such ease. It was a third floor walkup to my new apartment in Miami. The movers carried everything up there very easily. There were no issues at all with anything. It was such an easy move and the credit really goes to the movers.



Very Impressed

I don’t like expecting due to a pile of promises and end up being deceived. Rather I would wait a little more to get the best. Thus I got introduced with Cross country movers while I was planning for my next relocation. Well, so far they seem good. They did a good survey and listed properly. They wrapped stuffs systematically and loaded with great care. Since, I have agreed for a fixed financial package with them, I am not worried about the timing. On top of that they have goodwill. Let’s see, how better this thing can end. Or else, I still can write here.