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Alliance Van Lines Mover Review


Guaranteeing competitive prices, top service and a plethora of custom solutions, Alliance Van Lines

efficiently caters to the needs of people located in the continental part of the United States, with a few minor exceptions. The company is one of the most reputable and trustworthy movers that specializes in corporate moving, long distance relocation, residential moves, automotive moves, expert packing and unpacking services, pickups, valuable item relocation and haul-off solutions. The mover is located in Florida and it is a dependable go-to solution when looking for seasoned, innovative and fully customizable solutions and good long distance moving prices.

Alliance Van Lines Services

The Alliance Vanlines moverד services are widely spread in numerous states and regions across the United States, including, but not limited to: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, West Virginia or Wisconsin.

The company specializes in the entire array of moving services, including top, a la carte moving solutions that are excellent for people interested in moving their own stuff while also looking for an extra hand with packing, temporary storage or bulky item moving. They also offer cross-country moves for residential and corporate clients, valuable item storage, full commercial moves and complete coordination on any moving job. If you are looking for a flawless, hassle-free, affordable and dependable movers, Alliance is a name our technicians recommend.

Expert packing and unpacking solutions

The Alliance Vanlines moving company relies on professional packing supplies and procedures that can guarantee your items will reach their new destination safe and sound, with zero problems and complications. For this, they on double wrapping, moving blankets and padding, extra cushioning, bubble, newsprint sheets, carpet protection tape, professional label makers, packing boxes for lamps, dishes, TV boxes, storage files and more.

Cross-country moving services

No matter if you are looking to move to Florida or out of state, in the opposite part of the country, Alliance has what it takes to become your trustworthy partner. Endowed with professional moving equipment and vans and possessing the right know-how, manpower and logistics, the mover can make any state-to-state move seamless.

Corporate moving services

The Alliance Van Lines moving company also excels in terms of commercial, office or corporate moves. Whether you need a quick and unexpected relocation job for a single employee or you need to move dozens of employees in the following month, these guys are trained to do it.

Residential moving solutions

The company specializes in interstate moves for families and residents in Florida and other states and cities. Whether you need to move with pets, children or you are planning a college move, you will find all the necessary information on their website.

Valuable moves

If you need to move pricey electronics and other expensive items, Alliance Van Lines is ready to cater to your exact needs with an expert team of movers trained to handle the most sensitive items.

Auto transport services

The company is also trained to relocate vehicles out of state for a seamless and safe move job every time.

Pickup and haul-off services

Alliance Van Lines mover is also ready to cater to the needs of clients looking to relocate their furniture across the country or in the vicinity of their current home with the same level of professionalism.

Alliance Van Lines Mover Moving Costs

The company encourages potential clients to get their free moving quote online and by phone in just a few easy steps. To ask for a free estimate online, all you need to do is fill in a few information using a form and wait for their prompt response. Whether you are interested in a residential, corporate, interstate, furniture pickup or auto relocation move, you will receive a free, zero-obligation quote.

Alliance Vanlines Ratings U.S. DOT No. 3154319, MC-106732

The Alliance movers are properly licensed interstate brokers, which means they are not a motor carrier. In other words, they cannot transport individual shippers’ household goods. However, they are allowed to manage and plan the relocation of household goods with the help of FMCSA Authorized Motor Carriers. The charges of these carriers will be established with the help of the published tariffs. All price estimates need to rely on the tariff of the carrier and they can be subject to changes. The company has ILCC MC: 214854 • USDOT: 2882675


Alliance Van Lines is a highly trustworthy, dependable, fully comprehensive and affordable interstate mover for residential and commercial jobs. They cover a rich plethora of moving services, custom move options for DIY movers, car relocation jobs and more. Call now and get a free price quote!

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