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Opting for the cheapest truck rental for moving is not only a highly flexible alternative to hiring professional movers, but it can also save you a lot of money and provide you with enhanced convenience. Getting ready for a DIY move may not be suitable for anyone, but if you are determined to give it a try, searching for the cheapest moving truck rental companies should be the first step of the process. Find out what are the cheapest moving truck rental companies you could hire right now and why it might be a good idea to consider using their services.

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Advantages Of Using Cheap Moving Truck Rental Companies

  • Save hundreds of dollars in relocation and transportation costs. Since you will be directly responsible for the packing, loading, and driving of your personal household belongings or office supplies, you will skip the costs of hiring a mover.
  • Enjoy safe transportation conditions. No need to fear that any reckless driving or improper manipulation could lead to any damage to your goods. Choose the right size for the truck and have your items fit perfectly while ensuring safer transportation conditions.
  • Complete your move in just one trip. A large-sized moving truck should allow you to effectively successfully manage in a single trip.
  • Gain more peace of mind. Truck rental services will allow you to gain 100% control over every step of the relocation procedure, which means you should also enjoy some more peace of mind, which is crucial, given the complexity of a move and the anxiety and stress associated with it.
  • Do not worry about any items getting lost, stolen, or broken. Though rare, under some circumstances, these things can occur and a DIY moving truck solution should help you avoid most of these problems.

Hire The Cheapest Moving Truck Rental Company

We have done all the research for you and gathered all the data needed to make the most suitable choice in terms of reliable and cheap moving truck rental companies. Besides the importance of low moving truck rental prices, there are other factors that you will want to pay attention to when deciding which truck rental company to hire. Among them, we can mention their availability, selection of trucks of all sizes and capacities, versatility, availability of hourly move options and so on. While moving trucks might appear to be identical, renting a truck from a good company will make a huge difference.

Here are a few of the most affordable moving truck rental companies you could get in touch within 2021, as well as the main highlights that make them stuck their heads out of the crowd.

The Best Overall Truck Rental Company for 2021: U-Haul

They are one of the most appreciated and popular truck rental companies in the industry thanks to their one-way trailer rental solutions, 20,000+ locations spread across the country and largest fleet of rental trucks in the US. They cover moves of all sizes (7 available truck sizes, including cargo vans, box rucks, pickup trucks, 9-foot up to 26-foot cargo vans, and more) and you can find them in all 50 states, which means rental is always just one quick phone call away. Local relocations are paid per mile, while long-distance, one-way relocations are paid depending on the mileage and the number of days needed for the move to be completed. A one-day move involves picking up a truck at a certain location and dropping it off at a different location. Their cheap rental truck quotes are also highly appreciated on the market and this makes them some of the cheapest moving truck rental companies you could consider right now.

Budget Truck Rental Is The Most Affordable Solution

As one of the cheapest rental truck companies in the country and also an excellent U-Haul solution,  this company provides small up-front prices and appealing price discounts and special deals that can save you even more money on your DIY move. Expect to be charged a small price per mile for a local relocation and an allotted amount for an out-of-state move, for which you will also be allowed to buy extra mileage. If you are in the military, you are a police officer, a fireman, or part of the EMT personnel, you are a student or part of the Bar Association, you will benefit from important price discounts as well. Expect to save even more money if you are getting ready for a one-way relocation to their select destinations and prepare yourself to work with one of the cheapest moving truck rental companies in the country.

Penske Truck Rental For Even More Truck Sizes

This company is another popular rental truck company best known and appreciated for its versatile truck size selection. This means you should have no problem coming across the ideal truck size for any kind of move, thanks to their guaranteed reservations and pickup locations, no delays and no extra hassle. Since one of the greatest issues that most DIY movers tend to have when hiring a truck rental provider is the lack of a guaranteed reservation, you should be pleased by what Penske has to offer. Whether you need a small, 12-foot van or a larger, 24 footer for your residential or corporate move our of town or just across state lines, you will receive just what you need, right on schedule. They work with professional drivers responsible for carrying the rental vans between various locations so they can become available just as planned and on time.

They also work with nice rental truck discounts and they are known for charging some of the lowest average rates on their one-way relocations. They also feature unlimited mileage on their one-way rentals and they display lower rates for students, people in the military, members of AAA, or even brand new customers.

Enterprise and Home Depot are additional alternatives that have also made it on our list of the cheapest truck rental for moving companies to take into consideration ext time you are getting ready for a DIY move. The smallest efforts that these providers make to save you money is a great win and hiring any of these companies that we have reviewed for you should help you in your endeavor.


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