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All You Need To Know About Cross Country Car Shipping

If you are currently getting ready to relocate for personal or professional reasons, you may consider taking your car along with you. For this, you should hire an expert car transport company that can smoothly and safely move your car from your original address to the new address with zero hassle, damage and complications. Worry about packing your personal belongings the best way possible instead and let a top car shipping service handle your precious car shipping for you. Auto shipping services can deliver your car right on time straight into your new driveway. Wondering which are the top car shipping companies you should consider hiring right now? Want to learn more about what to expect from a car transport service? Read on!


Why Hire Car Shipping Services

With the help of dedicated auto shipping advisors with a passion for their line of work and lots of hands-on experience under their belt, you will successfully relocate any sports car, truck, mini-van or motorcycle, while saving precious time and energy. The movers will accurately monitor the car or truck transportation 24/7 and take all the necessary precaution measures needed to ensure high levels of security.

Car Shipping Prices and Auto Transport Estimates

The best movers will ask for no upfront payments and they will charge the most affordable car shipping prices. You will be usually charged once the carriers have been dispatched for the new order. This means a client can easily book with any car transport service today and only worry about covering the finally bill at a later moment in time.

Car transport insurance coverage is also normally part of the auto shipping price quote you will receive from a state to state  mover. It is best to ask for several car shipment price quotes from a few companies so you can compare them and make the best pick.

Keep in mind if you need a long, tall or extremely heavy truck or vehicle, it will require special accommodations and this may result in higher car transport prices. The condition of the vehicle that needs to be moved will also determine the final costs of your auto shipping. For example, an inoperable vehicle will costs more to be shipped since it will ask for more labor and tools.

The type of car shipment you will opt for will also establish the final costs. For instance, asking for standard open transport will cost less than enclosed shipping that asks for custom handling.
The distance of the shipping will cost more in terms of overall expenses, but less in terms of cost per mile. This means that the further your car will travels, the more money you should be able to save on the service.

Top 5 Auto Transport Companies

Easy Auto Ship

This company charges some of the most affordable car shipment prices, while ensuring the quickest delivery times. The car transporter is best known for having the fastest turnaround time in the industry and their friendly and professional customer support service is also one of the reasons for their popularity at the moment, they are rather new in business, but they are considered some of the best thanks to their additional damage protection. They charge $840 on average, which is ten percent lower than the industry car shipping prices. is 10% lower than the average. They are particularly known for their low enclosed car shipping rates that can save someone over $400 on an average enclosed car transport job. If you need your classic or vehicle moved, these guys could be just what you need.


This company provides enclosed as well as expedited car shipment solutions and quality door-to-door delivery services. They do not ask for any upfront fees or deposits and they can handle anything from vehicles, boats and motorcycles. They display a special Platinum Protection Plan that can assist you with damage recovery. The company works with personal agents and also offers car tracking and free car transport quotes.

Sherpa Auto Transport

This company provides stellar door-to-door car shipping services, free price estimates online and their Price Lock Promise is a nice touch that ensures a new client’s original quote will not alter. The company also works with a Clean Car Guarantee which gives clients free car wash services as soon as delivery is completed.

Montway Auto Transport

This auto shipping service is known to relocate more than 100,000 vehicles on a yearly basis. They also provide their services to people in all US states and clients can easily get in touch straight with the drivers in real-time and receive precious information concerning their car shipment. They handle anything from open, expedited and enclosed car transport and they guarantee the availability of all their pick-up dates.


This service provides door-to-door car shipping and they charge no upfront fees. They cover shipments for cars, motorcycles and they charge between $495 and $1,300 for shopping a sedan in an open carrier. They offer price discounts to students, seniors, and emergency service employees


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