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Switching homes or relocating to a brand new part of the country can be equally exciting and stressful. It takes a lot of time, energy and oftentimes skill to pack up an entire house or apartment and safely transfer all the boxes to a new address. The laborious and hazardous work can be professionally completed by expert long distance movers.

Are you willing to save precious resources and let knowledgeable packers and movers handle everything for your upcoming 2022 move? Here is all you need to know about long distance moving prices in 2022.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Long Distance Movers In 2022?

While there are no equal, standard fees charged by movers all across the country to look at, there are some universally-accepted factors that will determine the size of the final bill. For instance, your current location, your new moving address, the weight and type of items you will need to relocate, the type of packing or temporary storage services you would like to use and so on.

To make the long-distance moving price matter clearer for you, use the following information, tips, and guidelines. By knowing what kind of out-of-state mover price you should expect to pay, you will have an easier time deciding whether you should hire a mover or if you should attempt a DIY move.

How Much Will A Long Distance Move Cost In 2022?

Shortly put, it will depend on the distance the movers will need to travel, as well as the weight of your cargo and the time of the year. Summer moves usually get pricier, whereas mid-week and mid-month moves are more affordable. Here are some examples of interstate moving company prices:

  • Moving a studio apartment on a distance of approximately 1,000 miles means having to pay for around 2,000 pounds of items to get hauled. The total cost of such a move will be around $1,500.
  • If you need help with relocating a two-bedroom house with heavy furniture and kitchen appliances, you will be probably looking at around 5,000 pounds of items and a total bill reaching at least $3,500.
  • Moving a house out-of-state could cost anywhere between $600 and $10,000 and sometimes more, depending on the exact distance and size of the respective move.
  • Moving a small one-bedroom apartment with household items weighing around 2,000 pounds could cost around $3,500 for a long distance move.
  • Moving a three-bedroom apartment or home measuring 2,000 square feet means paying for 5,000 pounds of goods to get transferred at a price ranging from $1,700 to $7,000.

Additional Service Fees That Will Be Added To The Final Moving Bill

Packing fees

On average, the hourly rate charged by professional moving companies for packing services ranges between $25 and $35. The rate also comprises the cost of all the packing supplies like bubble wrap, TV boxes, mattress covers, packing paper and moving boxes. For comparison reasons, during a DIY move you will normally pay around $1 to $3 per moving box and anywhere between $3 to $8 per packing tape roll. You will also need to decide on your own just how heavy duty the tape roll should be and make sure to choose the most suitable boxes to prevent accidents during the transfer.


Tipping should also be added to the long-distance moving budget. While there is no legal obligation to tip a mover, it is customary to give a tip to the hard-working workers. If you are planning a complex move that will take an entire day or more, consider a $50 tip per mover. As a general rule of thumb, the more complicated and difficult the hauling conditions, the bigger the tip. For example, asking the movers to carry the heavy boxes into their trucks from the 5th floor will usually require you to give a bigger tip.

Moving specialty household items

If you need to move a piano, a pool table, a hot tub, home safe, or a yacht, you should expect to be charged extra. Bulky items will always add to the 2022 long distance moving companies prices, since they require more resources to be packed and transferred. On average, you could expect for a mover to charge several hundred dollars extra just to haul your bulky household items.

Staircase/elevator transfer and long carry fees

  • In case the movers will need to go up and down a few long staircases to carry all your items to their vans, they will charge a stair carry fee. Most movers will charge this fee for each extra staircase beyond the first staircase for a total of a few hundred dollars for a complex move.
  • You will be charged an elevator fee if your apartment is located on a top floor that will force the movers to complete long elevator rides. The same goes for a narrow elevator that will multiply the number of trips needed to transfer all the boxes to the truck.
  • Similarly, provided the movers are unable to park their trucks within 150 feet of the front door, they will also likely charge an additional fee called a long carry fee. Shuttle service fees may also be used when the movers need to use a smaller truck they can park closer to your address. The small truck will be used for shuttling your cargo to the tractor-trailer. The shuttle fee could add $200 up to $1,000+ to the final moving bill.

Expedited delivery fees

You could have the mover expedite your cargo delivery and make sure your stuff will be delivered on the exact date that you have chosen, or even prior to the respective date.

Fees for extra stops

Provided you will need the movers to stop by a storage unit or a different addresses along the way, you will be charged an extra fee for additional stops beyond the initial starting address.

The best out of state movers provide a free moving estimate by phone, online using moving calculators, or in person using in-home walkthroughs. Get in touch with a few of our top recommended movers and get your free price quote today!




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